Friday, December 22, 2006

Old Baldy Lighthouse

The windows looking out Old Baldy are beautiful and especially so with the sun shining through them as they were on our visit.

Old Baldy is one of the oldest lighthouses in NC and now only used as a tourist attraction. It has a unique shape and 107 steps to climb to reach the top.

The view of this window is coming down the steep wooden steps of Old Baldy.

Leaving Old Baldy through the front door with the sun shining in to give us light.

At the beach on Bald Head Island

These pictures show different directions from the house we stayed in and the way to the beach. The beach was just a short walk across the street, up the stairs and over the dunes. Although it was quite chilly the days we were there, we enjoyed walking on the beach.

Bald Head Island

Thanks to our special friends, Bert and Jean, we were invited to spend some time on Bald Head Island in their beautiful beach home.