Friday, November 06, 2015

Creating Concrete Counters!

Although the counters are being created, there are always other things going on.  Below Marco is finishing up the trim around the beams. A slow and tedious job and Marco is doing a great job! Marco is also always at the house living in the bodega.  He is the one who keeps things together.  When I arrive at 6 a.m. he is cleaning up and organizing things for the new day and always with a big smile!

More trim in the Studio and two skylights in the ceiling!

People are always going here and going there.  Don is on the move and Isaac, in charge of window installation, looks like he has a question.  In the background two men are trying to figure how much pipe will be needed for the wood stove.

And stuff everywhere.  Things needed for construction and also items that we use on the finca.

Alex is finishing the ceiling in the Living Room, except for in the corner where the stove pipe needs to go. We've enjoyed Alex also.

Speaking of stove pipe, the wood stove needs to be assembled!  With the help of John Carlos and Roberto it finally sits on the 4 legs that go underneath. However, two need a little work as they keep falling off!

Just a little bit longer guys!  I can't seem to get these two to stay attached!!  I think John Carlos is getting tired.  It really is quite heavy!
The wood stove is also a cook stove with a small oven that can be used for baking.  Although it doesn't get really cold here, the mornings and evening are cool and during rainy season, it will be nice to dry things out and make soup.  

Ah, yes, the counters!  The counters in the Bathrooms and the Kitchen are going to be concrete.  The wood structure here is the form for the counter in the Master Bathroom.  The lower section on the right side is a seat at the end of the shower.


Eventually, there will be two sinks.

A closer view of the seat in the shower.  The floor of the shower is going to be made with small pebbles and concrete (not sure concrete) to create a slip free floor.

Here Max and his assistant are working on the concrete forms for the Guest Bathroom.

Starting to have the shape of the counter.

At the end of this counter is a small seat and then the toilet and shower.

Last but not least, the simple counter in the Visitor's 1/2 Bathroom.

Now the more complicated Kitchen Counters and Island.  Max, Don and Juan Carlos are discussing the measurements and the specifics of the plans before beginning.

There is so much to consider!  The sizes of the oven, cook top, dishwasher, sink and microwave.  How high should the counters be. Where the sink sits and how everything sits so that the concrete supports are in just the right place.  Plumbing, electrical and on and on. The good thing about our container arriving soon is that the sink and cook top are inside.  Having them here will be a big plus.

 And the form construction begins.  Note the dishwasher on the right!

Quite a bit of the form work has been finished on the island in this photo.  They are now working on the area where the oven and microwave will sit.

Once again we are trying to decide on color options.  Our choice is a charcoal grey!  Hopefully, it won't be a solid color but have a little variation when it is mixed. :)

We still have lights to install, the electrical to be finished, fans, and I'm sure many other details that I'm not even aware that still need doing but, there is definitely a light at the end of the tunnel!

Windows and Doors, Windows and Doors!

We created our windows not only for aesthetic purposes but also for security.  They are solid steel because we did not want to have windows with bars, a very common site here.  

The people who created our windows arrived on the 26th of October and have been working to install and paint the windows every day except Sundays.  The windows were built in a small town near San Isidro about 5 hours from here.  They were brought here by truck and trailer needing patch work in quite a few places.

The workers arrived with everything they needed including beds, food, refrigerator, rice cookers, compressors, tools, a t.v. and their own dish to put on top of the bodega.

Slowly they began installing the windows first and then the doors.  By today all the doors and windows have been installed and are waiting to have the rest of the caulking, painting and glass put in next week.  Just in time, as our container has arrived in Limon, Costa Rica, and is due to be delivered the week of the 16th of November!!  The house isn't quite finished but at least the windows and doors will be finished! 

Windows everywhere.

Some small!

Some large and some medium!  Three different sizes in the Kitchen.

Dining Room windows.

The Living Room with the French Doors sitting just outside the opening where they belong.                   

Large window in the Living Room.  The bright colored towel is covering the wood stove that sits in the corner.

Windows down the Hall just like in the Dining Room.

Bits of cement repair work needed in a number of places.  You can also see where the paint needs "touching up".  The ride from San Isidro is a rough one!

Additional welding in places.

See that cute little truck in the background?  Thanks to Charlie & Sheila I got to drive it while our POS was being repaired!  Fun truck!!

Kitchen.  My "desk" will be under the right window and the refrigerator sits in the middle of the two windows.

The large window will be in front of the Kitchen sink.

No view from upstairs the clouds/fog have moved in!

Waiting to be installed in the bathroom.

Leaning on the bathroom "counters".

  • Love this Kitchen window!  I might even have to start washing dishes more. :)

From the outside looking in.

Looking down the Corridor on the back side of the house.  Cute little window in the Guest Bathroom shower.  The upstairs Bathroom has 2 just like it.

More windows and doors


This is a closeup of the Dutch Doors which open in the middle.

When finished there will be wood Lintels above the doors.  This is the entry into the Laundry Room.

Pura Vida!