Sunday, May 26, 2013

Flat Mistaya Visits Colorado!

Flat Mistaya has arrived in Colorado with Sharon aka Nana and is helping Madeline eat her avocado.  We have been here since May 13th but have had little time to share our fun times.  My daughter, Kristin, goes to teach her 5th graders every day and Madeline spend the day keeping each other entertained.
We spend a lot of time walking around Sloane Lake and around the neighborhood. 


 On our walks around the lake we see lots of geese and their little ones, other birds, big fish jumping in the lake, people walking, running, walking dogs, pushing buggies and riding bicycles.  It's always different and helps me keep in shape!

Madeline usually sleeps!
Thanks for cleaning me up Rowdy!


On Tuesday mornings we've been going to "Baby Books" at the library with about 50 other babies and their Nana's or Mom's or Dads.  It's great fun with stories, music, rhymes, games and bubbles.  

One evening we went to Kristin's school to watch some of her students and others put on The Wizard of Oz which was wonderful!  While there we met some friends our size and Madeline's size.

This morning we all walked to breakfast!  YUMMM!

On Mother's Day we were spoiled all day by Paul, Kristin's husband, and enjoyed every minute!  Thank you Paul!
We also like to walk in the Baby Biorn with our sunglasses--Thank you Dennis and Nancy we love them!

This video is at the beginning of our visit and we've grown and changed so much in the weeks we been sharing!
We have many more pictures, we are a proud Nana after all, but we are going to end here and start a new post on what Grandpa has been up to while have been in Colorado!