Sunday, September 23, 2012

Is All This Stuff Still HERE!!!

Today we need to have all the large pieces of furniture padded and bagged in heavy duty plastic for the movers to take over to our storage area!  At the moment, it seems like a daunting task as I look and everything that still needs to be done.  

There's one chair ready to go and a mattress and box spring in the guest bedroom are ready.   The rest is not!  With that said, I'm off to get busy before the day slips away!  Tonight we will be moving into Ginny's house across the golf course.  That's one big THANK YOU that we need to say.  Having a calm, organized place to stay when your house is no longer habitable is a very precious gift.  Thank you Ginny from the bottom of our hearts!!!

Thank You!

Items we have listed on Craig's List and E-Bay have finally started selling.  There goes my desk, thank you Rooster!  Thank you Pam Christofaro for your help in posting and keeping us updated!  You are already missed, special friend!!

We also wanted to say thank you to the wonderful people who have helped us so far, even though I've been remiss at snapping photos.  Joyce Grazetti, thank you for doing such a wonderful job packing our kitchen.  I enjoyed getting to know you a little better and know why Don sees you as a special friend.  Your help was such a gift.  Thank you!
Also, thank you to Penny Prettyman for organizing my coat hangers and also for all the great work she did on the computer!!  The time you saved is greatly appreciated.  And, we haven't forgotten the much needed boxes!!  Your help and friendship are greatly appreciated!!

Rooster, what can I say!!!  You were a lifesaver packaging up all those paintings to ship and lifting that awkward desk so I had a reprieve.  You are such a special friend and we truly appreciate your help and all that you bring to our lives!! 

Last but not least of our wonderful helpers, we want to thank Jennifer Gould for offering to help for Activity Points in addition to being a sweet friend!!  What a trooper!!  We shrink wrapped for a number of hours without stop and accomplished what would have taken me days to do alone, if even possible!!!  Also, thank you for the delivery of Smoothies and Bars to keep us going!!  Thanks, Jennifer!!

Making Progress

Although some days it doesn't seem like we are making any progress, we really are.  These pictures show our very worked truck that is transporting our things to the storage.  

As you can see we are stacking as tight and as high as possible.  These photos show 1/2 of our storage area and it is almost full.  Unfortunately, on the next Blog posting I will show what still needs to be done!  We are still wondering...."is it all going to fit" and "will we be done in time?"

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Little Unsettling for All

Moving is always such a disruptive and crazy experience.  Yesterday all day I thought it was Wednesday and went to an exercise class I've been attending for the past 9 years and wondered why no one was there!!!  They were all there today!  The photo is of Molly our very stressed kitty.  The emptying of the house has her pretty confused and upset and she has been spending a lot of time curled up in our laundry basket.  Unfortunately, Molly won't be coming to CR with us.  She is going to be living with my very best friend Pam who will calm her and lover her.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Packing is the easy part of moving!  Leaving good friends behind is what makes it so difficult.  Thanks for all the good times Beth and Rooster!  We love you, you will be missed!

Do You Think It Will Fit??

Each day we take what we have 
 packed over to our storage locker and try to pack it in an organized way.  Each day we also ask ourselves "Is all our 'stuff' going to fit?"

What you see here represents about half of the storage space we have available and so far no furniture and we still haven't started to pack the kitchen!  Hummmmm!!!!

Saturday, September 08, 2012

Packing, Packing, Packing!

Three days ago, after completing the last jobs of  our IN STITCHES business, we started packing and shuffling things to our storage container.  We will be leaving all of our "stuff" here in NC until we have something built in CR as storage there is scarce and very expensive.  I guess that makes me "retired".  I've never felt so busy....  Oh, well, retirement is highly overrated and with our Bed & Breakfast we'll be back in  business.  I loved my IN STITCHES and my loyal customers!  Thank you so much for your business and all your referrals.  You were my business!

The rest of our time is spent making decisions!  Take a vehicle, don't take a vehicle, keep this or get rid of it? It's amazing all the things you accumulate over the years and both Don and I are "sentimental savers".  Kids report cards and drawings, cards we've received over the years and things that have been forgotten but kindle memories and emotions when viewed in the process of cleaning out!  With some tears and smiles, life currently is an emotional roller coaster and will be come more so as we move closer to leaving the people we love.

We have met with a wonderful man, Todd, who gave us many tips and packing supplies to help us prepare for eventually loading everything into a container to travel to Costa Rica.  He and his men will be the ones doing the loading and we are truly grateful for this very nice man.

Better get busy before the day gets away from me!