Saturday, September 08, 2012

Packing, Packing, Packing!

Three days ago, after completing the last jobs of  our IN STITCHES business, we started packing and shuffling things to our storage container.  We will be leaving all of our "stuff" here in NC until we have something built in CR as storage there is scarce and very expensive.  I guess that makes me "retired".  I've never felt so busy....  Oh, well, retirement is highly overrated and with our Bed & Breakfast we'll be back in  business.  I loved my IN STITCHES and my loyal customers!  Thank you so much for your business and all your referrals.  You were my business!

The rest of our time is spent making decisions!  Take a vehicle, don't take a vehicle, keep this or get rid of it? It's amazing all the things you accumulate over the years and both Don and I are "sentimental savers".  Kids report cards and drawings, cards we've received over the years and things that have been forgotten but kindle memories and emotions when viewed in the process of cleaning out!  With some tears and smiles, life currently is an emotional roller coaster and will be come more so as we move closer to leaving the people we love.

We have met with a wonderful man, Todd, who gave us many tips and packing supplies to help us prepare for eventually loading everything into a container to travel to Costa Rica.  He and his men will be the ones doing the loading and we are truly grateful for this very nice man.

Better get busy before the day gets away from me!

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