Sunday, September 23, 2012

Thank You!

Items we have listed on Craig's List and E-Bay have finally started selling.  There goes my desk, thank you Rooster!  Thank you Pam Christofaro for your help in posting and keeping us updated!  You are already missed, special friend!!

We also wanted to say thank you to the wonderful people who have helped us so far, even though I've been remiss at snapping photos.  Joyce Grazetti, thank you for doing such a wonderful job packing our kitchen.  I enjoyed getting to know you a little better and know why Don sees you as a special friend.  Your help was such a gift.  Thank you!
Also, thank you to Penny Prettyman for organizing my coat hangers and also for all the great work she did on the computer!!  The time you saved is greatly appreciated.  And, we haven't forgotten the much needed boxes!!  Your help and friendship are greatly appreciated!!

Rooster, what can I say!!!  You were a lifesaver packaging up all those paintings to ship and lifting that awkward desk so I had a reprieve.  You are such a special friend and we truly appreciate your help and all that you bring to our lives!! 

Last but not least of our wonderful helpers, we want to thank Jennifer Gould for offering to help for Activity Points in addition to being a sweet friend!!  What a trooper!!  We shrink wrapped for a number of hours without stop and accomplished what would have taken me days to do alone, if even possible!!!  Also, thank you for the delivery of Smoothies and Bars to keep us going!!  Thanks, Jennifer!!

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