Monday, June 03, 2013

Don--Alone in Costa Rica!





 Little did we know that putting in the poles and wire along the public road was only a small part of getting electricity to our home.  Don has been very busy, with help from Roberto, Paco and Minor finishing the job of bringing power to our home.  Paco dug a trench down the middle of our driveway where all the tubing and wiring will be laid.  There will be phone, cable and electrical wires.
Before any wiring could be put underground in the ditch, a cement mixer was rented to create columns. These columns will hold our electric iron gate and the power to open and close the gate.  The gate is currently being created.  As I'm told, the difficult part of the columns was integrating all the wiring and tubing required to electrify the gate.  Some of them are visible sticking up in the middle of the form for the column.

Once the wiring was where it needed to be, the concrete was poured.  It's hard for me to imagine not being there, however, Don keeps me updated with Skype on a regular basis.

Humm....looks like the wiring is being kept safe at our house while the work is being done!

The columns are looking good!  You will notice a box in the middle of the trench.  Don tells me that there needs to be a number of these boxes all the way up to the house to make future repairs easier.  We are also having lights put in along the driveway.

Here is a better shot of the columns and the box.

More boxes.

As you see, they go all the way up the driveway.
Not sure what this photo is about but Don went to visit the Arbor business of a friend looking at trees that we can plant.  I seriously doubt that this is one of the trees that are for sale!  Don saw many different fruit trees and we are excited to be in a position to start planting in the new future.

This is Alberto and his father is the one who owns the Arbor business.

Guess who!!

 Since I've been gone I've been missing all the beautiful sunsets so I'm going to share some with you and enjoy them myself!

Before I end today I wanted to share the latest design for our home.  It has changed a number of times since I left Costa Rica in May and I'm sure the will continue to be modifications!  The yellow indicates the master bedroom on the second floor.  Everything else is on the first floor.