Monday, August 17, 2015

Where Does All the Water Go?

This night the sun set makes the sky and hills look like a fairy tale!

So spectacular, ever changing and never boring!

 Trenches have been dug around the house and toward the driveway and large, black,  4" plastic pipe has been installed to carry all types of water.  Sewer water goes into the septic of course.  Grey water and rain water, which comes off the roof through the gutter system,  is directed down the back side of our driveway.

Here you can see the end of one of the pipes that will carry rain water to the cunetas on the side of the driveway.

Gutters and roof are now everywhere, with a couple exceptions.  The area that is open on the end of the second floor needs to be closed and an overhang created to protect the window and wall.

Putting up the gutters.

Gutters waiting to be installed.

Laying the pipe.

Approximately 12-15 of these concrete boxes with grates are all around the house.  The down spouts of the gutters are lined up along the concrete posts and into these boxes.  All of the rain water from the roof empties into these boxes and leaves through the system of pipes.

If you look closely, you can see a clean out box just below the concrete post.

The grey water and sewer water are directed here into our septic tank.  Looking forward to seeing this covered with dirt and landscaping!

The Laundry Room is ready for the plumbing and electric readying it for our Washer and Dryer.  Under the window will be built a typical Tico wash sink, which are really useful.

A lot of work is being done on the ceilings.  Here the beams are being given another coat of stain before the metal supports and ceiling are added.

In the Studio the metal structure is finished for the ceiling as well as much of the wiring.  As you can also see, we have the beginnings of 2 skylights.

This is how the metal ceiling supports look between the beams before the ceiling is added.

Still need to have the ridge caps put on top of this padded foil to make the roof water tight.

Although not quite water tight, the roof  is now covering the entire house. Next, they will be doing the outside painting.  Juan also mentioned they would be starting to lay wall tiles in our bathroom.  I'm really looking forward to getting to work on the inside!

This view of the house is from the main road just before turning into our lane!

Enough house stuff!  LOOK!  We have our first pineapples and it's very exciting.  When we purchase a pineapple at the Market we plant the top--most of the time.  At some point we should not have to buy any more pineapple!!

Aren't they just the cutest darn things!!

I walk by these wires every time I go to the Finca and almost every time there is a score of birds reminding me of the beautiful music that they create!

They aren't very big but together they make beautiful music and a wonderful statement!

This pile of rubble created from concrete, nails, re-bar, garbage and who knows what else will be leaving to be used as fill at Jane and Milton's house.  Jane and Milton are also having a house built by Juan in Berlin and we have enjoyed sharing stories and becoming friends.

In the mean time, this rubble and other areas of the job site have sprouted vegetables either by happen stance or by design. Tomatoes, peppers and squash provide fresh produces for the workers.

More squash!

Looking good!
These "gardens" are sometimes watered by runoff from the gutters.  We're pretty sure a lot of what is growing has just grown from tossed off garbage but today I noticed some nicely planted pepper plants!!  Very resourceful workers! :)

O.K. Don and Roberto, smile the day is nearly done!!

Finish up and you can go home for lunch!!  Oh, and it looks like the trailer tire could use a little air!