Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Our Casa

We are starting the tour of our Casa with the bathroom because we are so excited about our new automatic washing machine!  While I was out walking with Maria and one of her friends this morning, Don, Luis and Marcella had opened the box and hooked up the washer ready to go!!  YEAH!
The shower was a little chilly this morning and going from a 2 sink bathroom to a no sink bathroom is a bit of a challenge but very manageable.  Now, if we can just get the water a little warmer by my next shower I'll be a happy camper.

Next is our bedroom which is bright and sunny and quite close to the road.  Wake up time is about 5 a.m. with the help of a number of roosters and traffic.  

Don caught me in what we call the Dressing Room because it stores all of our clothing, suitcases , makeup, etc. It is also the place where we hang our clothing to dry during rainy season, after running them through the new washer.

This is the main part of the casa where we spend all of our time looking out the window at the beautiful view and the ever changing environment.  One minute it is bright and sunny and then clouds/fog roll in.  Sometimes there have been some black clouds but, so far, no rain!  We keep the windows open and we feel like we're always outside enjoying the  wonderful fresh air.
While I'm blogging, Don is preparing some black beans and using the wonderful oranges we picked on our property yesterday.  YUMM!

Another view that includes the kitchen which is quite adequate and very cozy!
This is our view.  Unfortunately, the photo does not even remotely capture the beauty of the Pacific. the Nicoya Bay and Peninsula, but we will keep trying to post pictures that come closer.  And...we haven't even started with sunset photos.  In the evenings we see the lights of the small towns twinkling and quite often, lightening in the distance.

Here is the view of the front yard and door.  The window on the left is our bedroom and on the right is the living room which we did not post.

Our cozy front patio with rocking chair and in the distance is the home of our new little calf and her mother.  Every morning we get to look out our bedroom window and see how they are doing. Moma also wakes up around 5:00 a.m. wanting to be milked!  Seems to be the bewitching hour for everyone.  Quite a change from the South were the day starts around noon and yes, we tend to go to bed earlier here.

Last but not least are the views up and down the road which we  have spent many hours walking!

The Homeless Shelter

Friday, October 26 we went to Calabash to stay with our friends, Beth and Rooster.  When we arrived they were all prepared for the homeless Roses!  We had a great couple days and laughed until our sides hurt!!  Not only are Rooster and Beth very entertaining, their bird, Augie, is a kick!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Our Last Stop in North Carolina!

With sadness, Oak Island is behind us! After leaving a couple more boxes at the storage unit, dropping off our car  AND stopping at Dairy Queen at Rooster's request--I had been trying to get there for days--, we arrived at Beth and Rooster's place in Carolina Shores a short distance from the Myrtle Beach airport where we will be leaving.  Beth arrived from work about the same time we did and we enjoyed Rooster's homemade meatloaf and some wine and a lot of conversation.  After dinner we were entertained by their pet Green Cheek Conure, Augie!  He wasn't real interested in sitting still for photos but was very friendly.  He loved Don and seemed to enjoy my earrings and hair which does somewhat resemble a bird's nest!!

Beth left for work this morning.  Rooster & Don are having their usual long involved conversations and I've been sitting here catching up on our blog!  Tomorrow we will be reweighing our suitcases and hoping we can get everything in under the poundage allowed! We will be heading for Costa Rica from Myrtle Beach Monday at 8:00 a.m.  Hopefully, without any hurricanes too close by!! Until then, I'm going to end here and enjoy my new Kindle and the company of Beth, when she gets home, Rooster, Don & Augie!

Good Bye Oak Island, Hello Carolina Shores!

We enjoyed a wonderful last month on Oak Island with our friend Ginny and my very special friend, Pam, who lives just across the street.  When having to leave our house we made a short move across the golf course and across a street.  It was wonderful being able to stay near our special friends and have their help, support and friendship as we transitioned into living in Costa Rica.  

Thanks to having our friends close by, the ups and downs of our move were all taken in stride with a glass of wine and words of support and encouragement.  Thank you Pam, Chris, Ginny, Pat, May, Jimmy, Tricia, Frank, Jenny, Jerry, Jillian, Jenna and even the new owners of our home, Carol & Bob for a wonderful last month on Oak Island.  Although gathering what we needed for our application for Residency in Costa Rica, physically moving, selling vehicles, taking care of this and that created a few moments of difficulty, the most difficult part of the move is leaving behind our friends. Thank you to all for sharing your lives with us and taking us in when we first arrived in North Carolina.  Whether you are one of our early friends or ones we have only know for a short time, you will be in our hearts and thoughts no matter where we may be.

By Ginny and Pam!  We love you and already feel the loss of you in our lives!!
Rooster has arrived from Carolina Shores to pick us up and take us to his house for the weekend.   Fortunately, his car was good sized and had room for all our luggage.  Off we went dropping our Mazda Tribute at Steve and Sandra Shultz house as we passed by.  Steve and Sandra have not only bought our car, but over the past few years have  become great friends and lovers of Costa Rica.  Thanks Steve and Sandra for the fun times and for buying our car.  Most of all, however, thank you for letting us use it until we left.  As Joe, Joe Tursi also from NC and living in CR says, "You guys live a charmed life!"  See you soon Joe!!

The Last Box is in Storage!

 All packed and ready to sit.  As we are having to build in Costa Rica, we have no place to move our belongings.  They will remain in storage until we have our garage and studio built. Our mover, Todd O'Donnell, will load everything onto a cargo container which will be shipped to us in Costa Rica.

 When we moved out of our house, because it was sold, we had a freezer half full of food and decided to take it to our friend, Ginny's, house.  We were there for close to a month and we were able share our coffers with our good friend  before leaving for Costa Rica.  We spent many a night worrying that the remainder of our belongings, including the freezer, were NOT going to fit into the storage space we had left.  We were not alone in these concerns.  Many of our close friends were sure we would be short of space.

 It was now time to empty, clean and fill the freezer and test our ability to stuff lots into a small space!!  With the help of Pat Brown and her wonderful truck, (ours was sold) we headed to storage  for, hopefully, the last time!  Low and behold everything fit with space left over!!  The extra space came in handy as our suitcases needed to be lightened when we came to the final packing.  On our way out of town we stopped with 2 more boxes!

Thank you Pat for not only your help but for making it such fun.  You've been a great neighbor and we will miss seeing you across the street pushing that lawn mower!  Happy mowing!

I Love Zumba!

I am also leaving behind all my wonderful friends at Zumba!  I have loved spending Monday's with you and sometimes other days and you will be missed.  Karen, who always lead us with enthusiasm and her beautiful smile, thank you for sharing Zumba and the wonderful Yoga that ends your class!  

Happy Birthday, Cornelia!

Under the ruse of a housewarming for Ethel, my exercise friends gathered to celebrate the 75th birthday of our dedicated, persistent leader, Cornelia!  As you can see, she is meek and mild and really hated the celebration!!  By the way, Ethel's new home is on the river and we all wanted to move in.  Thank you, Ethel, for a great celebration and sharing your beautiful home!

Happy Birthday, my friend, you will be missed!!

Look who stopped by!  Rod Stewart a favorite of Cornelia's!  Unfortunately, he was moving so fast the picture is blurred!  Thanks Rod for stopping by!  
Cornelia received lots of her favorite beverage,WINE, and a reminder of the one who  stood behind her for 9 years! Remember, Cornelia,  "Somebody in Costa Rica Loves You" and will be looking for you in 2014!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Thanks for the Party!

For the 9 years we have lived on Oak Island I have been whipped into shape three days a week by Cornelia Rogers. She has been my supporter, my mentor, my motivator and  my friend and nothing can keep her down!  Thank you for making me move, Cornelia!!

Along with having a wonderful leader, I have enjoyed the friendship of some very incredible women. I will miss each of you more than you know.  I will miss your humor, your talents, your generosity, your support, your very individual personalities and, of course, all the great parties we've had over the years.  

Thanks for the wonderful party at May's and your generous gift.  Thanks for making me laugh so I wouldn't cry and thanks for being my friends!

You are a beautiful group of ladies, think of me as you sweat and groan and don't forget who belongs in that empty space behind Cornelia!! Can't wait to see you all  in Costa Rica!

Monday, October 08, 2012

We are Really Moving!

Now that our tickets are purchased and we only have odds and ends and packing our many suitcases to complete, our move is starting to feel real.  For 6 years we have talked and planned and  hoped for this adventure to begin and now that it is happening, it almost doesn't seem real!

For those who don't know, we purchased 10 acres in coffee plants in Berlin, CR, about 6 years ago and talked about moving there and building a B & B.  In that time our dreams have changed and been revised with the changing economy.  The first home we designed was quite a bit grander than the one we are sure we will eventually create.  Thanks to our Tico friend, Donillo, we have water to our property and thanks to Eric & Jose, other friends in Berlin, we have an area graded for a home site. We do still need to get electricity before we can proceed.  Working with I.C.E., the government owned power company, to get power will be our first focus along with choosing an Architect and designing our home.  Getting our driving licenses and purchasing a vehicle are also up pretty high on our priority list.  Expats, Norm and Collie, who live in Berlin, have been a wealth of answers and we're sure we will be calling on them many times during this adventure.  Thank you for your help Norm and Collie.  We are looking forward to chatting with you in person very soon!

Thank You, Ginny!

We were so rushed getting out of our house that anything we were unsure what to do with went to our friend, Ginny's, house.  She gave us the wonderful gift of a place to stay once we were unable to use our own home.  Once our beds were put into storage we move into Ginny's house.  Fortunately, Ginny was on a train trip across Canada and didn't have to go through the mess we created in her home.  Only now will she have a glimpse if she checks our blog!!  Thank you Ginny, you are a lifesaver.  This photo is of her garage!
Pam, in the photo, lives across the street and has been my very best friend since moving here!  Thanks to her we were able to sell things we did not want to keep, and enjoy a couple evenings of wine, good company and eats in the middle of our craziness.  Thank you, Pam, I will miss you more than you know!

It seems we still have a number of questions to get answered before we leave the states for Costa Rica.  We are waiting for Don's Birth Certificate to arrive and to get our Police Report so we can finally apply for Residency in CR.  Everything seems to take so long and the days are passing quickly.  We now have our ticket and will be leaving on the 29th of October after a short stay with our friends Beth and Rooster near the MYR Airport where we will be leaving from.

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

We/re getting worried!  This is what our storage container looks like and we are still sorting and packing at Ginny's where were we are staying--it seems endless!  At the moment our life is full of decisions an filling boxes.  We are looking forward to the end of this phase and starting something new.

We do have some good news. Thanks to a wonderful Tico family we have a place to stay in Berlin, Costa Rica, near our property where we will be building.  Marcella and her family have offered us their home to rent and we are very grateful to know where we will be once we leave here.  Her brother, Dario, has been a big help setting things up for us -- Thank you, Dario and Marcella!

Faster, Faster the Movers are Coming!

28 Yaupon Way - Moving 050This is my friend Monica Goforth who is helping me and working so fast she is a blur!!  Without her we never would have been ready for the movers to pick up all our heavy furniture!!  THANK YOU, MONICA!!  You are a treasure!

28 Yaupon Way - Moving 052Not my best angle, but you get the idea!!  And…..we were ready when the movers arrived!  Believe it or not they made us look like snails!!!

Here come the movers!!Pictures from iPhone 8.29.12 138Pictures from iPhone 8.29.12 139Pictures from iPhone 8.29.12 140Pictures from iPhone 8.29.12 141Pictures from iPhone 8.29.12 144Things moved quickly into the truck which they filled in no time at all.28 Yaupon Way - Moving 062Hi Jennifer!!   Look who came back again to help wrap with the stretch and wrap.  We made a great team and with her help we accomplished lots!  As I’ve said before, we could not have finished in time without the help of some very special friends!!  Thanks, again, Jennifer!