Monday, October 15, 2012

Thanks for the Party!

For the 9 years we have lived on Oak Island I have been whipped into shape three days a week by Cornelia Rogers. She has been my supporter, my mentor, my motivator and  my friend and nothing can keep her down!  Thank you for making me move, Cornelia!!

Along with having a wonderful leader, I have enjoyed the friendship of some very incredible women. I will miss each of you more than you know.  I will miss your humor, your talents, your generosity, your support, your very individual personalities and, of course, all the great parties we've had over the years.  

Thanks for the wonderful party at May's and your generous gift.  Thanks for making me laugh so I wouldn't cry and thanks for being my friends!

You are a beautiful group of ladies, think of me as you sweat and groan and don't forget who belongs in that empty space behind Cornelia!! Can't wait to see you all  in Costa Rica!

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Carole said...

Okay, for some reason I've been fine with all this until I read the blog today. Guess this makes it real!! You aren't near me, but I'll still miss you! Love you both!