Monday, October 08, 2012

Thank You, Ginny!

We were so rushed getting out of our house that anything we were unsure what to do with went to our friend, Ginny's, house.  She gave us the wonderful gift of a place to stay once we were unable to use our own home.  Once our beds were put into storage we move into Ginny's house.  Fortunately, Ginny was on a train trip across Canada and didn't have to go through the mess we created in her home.  Only now will she have a glimpse if she checks our blog!!  Thank you Ginny, you are a lifesaver.  This photo is of her garage!
Pam, in the photo, lives across the street and has been my very best friend since moving here!  Thanks to her we were able to sell things we did not want to keep, and enjoy a couple evenings of wine, good company and eats in the middle of our craziness.  Thank you, Pam, I will miss you more than you know!

It seems we still have a number of questions to get answered before we leave the states for Costa Rica.  We are waiting for Don's Birth Certificate to arrive and to get our Police Report so we can finally apply for Residency in CR.  Everything seems to take so long and the days are passing quickly.  We now have our ticket and will be leaving on the 29th of October after a short stay with our friends Beth and Rooster near the MYR Airport where we will be leaving from.

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