Saturday, October 27, 2012

Happy Birthday, Cornelia!

Under the ruse of a housewarming for Ethel, my exercise friends gathered to celebrate the 75th birthday of our dedicated, persistent leader, Cornelia!  As you can see, she is meek and mild and really hated the celebration!!  By the way, Ethel's new home is on the river and we all wanted to move in.  Thank you, Ethel, for a great celebration and sharing your beautiful home!

Happy Birthday, my friend, you will be missed!!

Look who stopped by!  Rod Stewart a favorite of Cornelia's!  Unfortunately, he was moving so fast the picture is blurred!  Thanks Rod for stopping by!  
Cornelia received lots of her favorite beverage,WINE, and a reminder of the one who  stood behind her for 9 years! Remember, Cornelia,  "Somebody in Costa Rica Loves You" and will be looking for you in 2014!

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