Saturday, October 27, 2012

Good Bye Oak Island, Hello Carolina Shores!

We enjoyed a wonderful last month on Oak Island with our friend Ginny and my very special friend, Pam, who lives just across the street.  When having to leave our house we made a short move across the golf course and across a street.  It was wonderful being able to stay near our special friends and have their help, support and friendship as we transitioned into living in Costa Rica.  

Thanks to having our friends close by, the ups and downs of our move were all taken in stride with a glass of wine and words of support and encouragement.  Thank you Pam, Chris, Ginny, Pat, May, Jimmy, Tricia, Frank, Jenny, Jerry, Jillian, Jenna and even the new owners of our home, Carol & Bob for a wonderful last month on Oak Island.  Although gathering what we needed for our application for Residency in Costa Rica, physically moving, selling vehicles, taking care of this and that created a few moments of difficulty, the most difficult part of the move is leaving behind our friends. Thank you to all for sharing your lives with us and taking us in when we first arrived in North Carolina.  Whether you are one of our early friends or ones we have only know for a short time, you will be in our hearts and thoughts no matter where we may be.

By Ginny and Pam!  We love you and already feel the loss of you in our lives!!
Rooster has arrived from Carolina Shores to pick us up and take us to his house for the weekend.   Fortunately, his car was good sized and had room for all our luggage.  Off we went dropping our Mazda Tribute at Steve and Sandra Shultz house as we passed by.  Steve and Sandra have not only bought our car, but over the past few years have  become great friends and lovers of Costa Rica.  Thanks Steve and Sandra for the fun times and for buying our car.  Most of all, however, thank you for letting us use it until we left.  As Joe, Joe Tursi also from NC and living in CR says, "You guys live a charmed life!"  See you soon Joe!!

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