Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Our Casa

We are starting the tour of our Casa with the bathroom because we are so excited about our new automatic washing machine!  While I was out walking with Maria and one of her friends this morning, Don, Luis and Marcella had opened the box and hooked up the washer ready to go!!  YEAH!
The shower was a little chilly this morning and going from a 2 sink bathroom to a no sink bathroom is a bit of a challenge but very manageable.  Now, if we can just get the water a little warmer by my next shower I'll be a happy camper.

Next is our bedroom which is bright and sunny and quite close to the road.  Wake up time is about 5 a.m. with the help of a number of roosters and traffic.  

Don caught me in what we call the Dressing Room because it stores all of our clothing, suitcases , makeup, etc. It is also the place where we hang our clothing to dry during rainy season, after running them through the new washer.

This is the main part of the casa where we spend all of our time looking out the window at the beautiful view and the ever changing environment.  One minute it is bright and sunny and then clouds/fog roll in.  Sometimes there have been some black clouds but, so far, no rain!  We keep the windows open and we feel like we're always outside enjoying the  wonderful fresh air.
While I'm blogging, Don is preparing some black beans and using the wonderful oranges we picked on our property yesterday.  YUMM!

Another view that includes the kitchen which is quite adequate and very cozy!
This is our view.  Unfortunately, the photo does not even remotely capture the beauty of the Pacific. the Nicoya Bay and Peninsula, but we will keep trying to post pictures that come closer.  And...we haven't even started with sunset photos.  In the evenings we see the lights of the small towns twinkling and quite often, lightening in the distance.

Here is the view of the front yard and door.  The window on the left is our bedroom and on the right is the living room which we did not post.

Our cozy front patio with rocking chair and in the distance is the home of our new little calf and her mother.  Every morning we get to look out our bedroom window and see how they are doing. Moma also wakes up around 5:00 a.m. wanting to be milked!  Seems to be the bewitching hour for everyone.  Quite a change from the South were the day starts around noon and yes, we tend to go to bed earlier here.

Last but not least are the views up and down the road which we  have spent many hours walking!


Elizabeth Serenda said...

Great Pics... Your temporary home is quite cute. A Happy Halloween to you both!! Love ya Beth

Matthew Johnson said...

Hey Mom and Don! Your new house looks like it has a lot to offer and the outdoor space looks amazing. I hope you guys are enjoying your time. We miss you and love you both on the West Coast and we will talk to you soon.

RuthAnn H said...

Great pics. You have it all washing machine and cow. Life is good. Miss you and wish all the best. RuthAnn

Craig Rooster Emerson said...

Thanx for posting pixs, it looks a lot better than the Skype tour.