Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Faster, Faster the Movers are Coming!

28 Yaupon Way - Moving 050This is my friend Monica Goforth who is helping me and working so fast she is a blur!!  Without her we never would have been ready for the movers to pick up all our heavy furniture!!  THANK YOU, MONICA!!  You are a treasure!

28 Yaupon Way - Moving 052Not my best angle, but you get the idea!!  And…..we were ready when the movers arrived!  Believe it or not they made us look like snails!!!

Here come the movers!!Pictures from iPhone 8.29.12 138Pictures from iPhone 8.29.12 139Pictures from iPhone 8.29.12 140Pictures from iPhone 8.29.12 141Pictures from iPhone 8.29.12 144Things moved quickly into the truck which they filled in no time at all.28 Yaupon Way - Moving 062Hi Jennifer!!   Look who came back again to help wrap with the stretch and wrap.  We made a great team and with her help we accomplished lots!  As I’ve said before, we could not have finished in time without the help of some very special friends!!  Thanks, again, Jennifer!

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