Friday, July 22, 2016

The Critters of Dosha

Not having internet at our house has really made it difficult to Blog.  For those of you wondering what has been going on at Dosha I'll try to catch you up a little bit now.  We have been slowly unpacking boxes but with so much work still to be done--doors, shelving, pot rack, etc.--it is difficult to find places to put things.  My next blog will, hopefully be able to show you some progress in the area of finish work around the house.  Don has been very busy building a workbench and moving all his tools into the garage and out of the Guest Bedroom.  We now have a Guest Bedroom which I am working on to make ready for visitors.  The Studio is still full of boxes but I now have one work table up and can sew without being on the Dining Room table.  

This Blog is to share with you some of the critters at Dosher.  Some wild and come naturally others more domestic.  We also want to share some of the outstanding sunsets that we get to enjoy most evenings!

In this photo you can see the beginnings of the lights that show up at night as the sun goes down in a blaze of color.  Once the sun is gone the lights twinkle everywhere!

The first critter who came to live with us was Bert.  I was walking with a friend and heard the desperate cries of a little kitten who came up to us on the road.  Something had taken a bite out of his backside and he was so small and so cute.  We tried carrying him in a tote but he kept jumping out!  So...we proceeded to Jane's house, picked up her small dog carrier and headed back to where we had left Bert.  He must have heard us talking because we heard her crying long before we saw him.  Bert was a survivor and he wanted to go with us.

At first he was so needy and wanted to sleep with one of us.  He was so little and his butt looked so bad-- a bleeding bulb-- we really worried about him.  Unfortunately, we were unable to get him to the vet because our POS car was at the mechanic for over a week.  Finally, the vet was able to check him out.  As it turned out the large red lump on his butt was his testicle which the vet proceeded to remove!  Bert recovered quickly and was very happy to be our kitty.

Not a sunset but a view of the Nicoya Bay and Pacific.

Bert grew and began protecting us from all kinds of bugs, snakes and even a river crab!  The first river crab we saw we thought it had been in one of our boxes from North Carolina until Roberto laughed at us and set us straight.  We have no idea how they get into the house but they do quite often!
We wanted two kittens to keep each other company but assumed they would come from the same litter.  However, since I found Bert and had to bring him home we went elsewhere for kitty number 2.  This little guy, Ernie, is kitty number 2.

At first Bert didn't want to have anything to do with Ernie.  He growled at him and wouldn't let him come near.  Ernie came from a litter of 5 kittens and he just wanted to be friends and snuggle.  He fell asleep over the edge of the tool box trying to get close to Bert. 

In a short while Ernie won Bert over and, although at first, Bert attacked Ernie relentlessly they did become fast friends.  So much so that they do everything together!


This guy doesn't have a name but he lives under the wood stacked on our corridor!

Not a critter but an addition to Dosher.  Don came home one day with this wheel barrow full of flowers!  The man who built our garage had given it to him!

Bert and Ernie are both growing in leaps and bounds and think that the Studio with all the boxes is a Kitty Amusement Park.  They love it! 

This is our "Dog for a Day!"  She followed me home and was very friendly and seemed happy to be with us.  That afternoon our Tico friends came to visit with their 3 children and the next thing we knew "Dog for a Day" was gone.  I guess he decided that a family with 3 children was a lot more fun than a couple old folks!

Ying and Yang!

Don's very special workbench!  Let the work begin!

Not the best picture, but this is one of our Toucans.  They sound like a frog and you have to really look to see them but they are beautiful and exciting to see.  One day we had 5 in one tree--very exciting!

Pura Vida everyone!  Hope this finds you well and I promise to come back soon!