Thursday, July 25, 2013

What's Been Happening in Costa Rica!

 While I had the easy life in the States Don was here in Costa Rica working on getting our electricity underground from the Public Road up our driveway to our home site.  It all started with the digging of a trench up the center of our driveway.

The next step involved renting a cement mixer and building concrete pillars and incorporating all the electrical wiring before putting it underground. 

Forms were created and the electrical conduits fore the wiring were situated in the center.

The wire form required to create the columns which will be used to support our wrought iron gate.  The Gate is being custom made and, I believe, is now ready to be installed.

During the column construction period our house became storage for the expensive wiring that was needed.  Minor, the man doing the construction, also became a fixture in our home.   Minor and Don had their moments while being roommates and in the end we hired someone else to finish the job.

As the columns progressed we were required to add concrete boxes along the route up the driveway that would make repairs easier in the future.

The ditch became a little larger and the columns started looking like columns!

This is a view of the inside of the Concrete Boxes.

The columns are complete and now tops need to be made for the boxes out of sheets of metal to cover the insides.  The tops were finished fairly quickly, although not the correct size.  In order for the tops to fit, Don had to chisel about 5 mm. off the sides of each box. Once this was completed, strips of plastic were placed over the wire conduit to alert anyone digging that there are electrical wires below.

Skeeter and I both helped to lay plastic!  He He!

In addition to the columns and laying the electrical wiring we also had 3 lamp post created along the driveway to light the way to our home.

A view of the elelctrical box with the cover in place.

The next step is to cover up the ditch.  Here Jeffery, Roberto's son, is digging dirt away from the Cana where it has been pushed by earth moving equipment previously working on the driveway.  

Paco returned with his backhoe to fill in the ditch where we had the electrical buried and readied our driveway for gravel and compacting, the next step.  Once he was finished Don and I  did some hand work to dig ditches along the side of the road and fill in holes to prevent erosion.  Quite a job for the two of us with Don's bad arm and me loafing for 3 months.  

The columns, boxes and buried wiring are done and now we are ready to install our gate, add gravel and compact!!  So many steps.

Up on top of the hill, while all the above was going on, there has been a bit of erosion along the side of our home site down through the coffee.

Skeeter is checking out the damage!  Don says, " No problem, we now know where to put the 1/2 round."                                                                                         

With Roberto helping with the electrical work, the coffee has been a little neglected!  All things considered, it is doing very well and Roberto is back working on the coffee!

Sharon's Home!

After 3 months in the states I am back in Costa Rica catching up and doing a little creating.  Here's the story of my trip!

My fist stop was Denver, CO, to take care of our youngest grandchild, Madeline Grace, while Kristin finished teaching the school year.  We had a wonderful time going for long walks and just sharing so many precious moments!

We all went to a Rockies game, which they won in overtime and just enjoyed spending time together.

Madeline with her Mom and Dad!  Hard to move on, I miss you lots, but more fun to come!

We were so fortunate to have so many of our family attend the wedding.  Our 5 children, their spouses and our grandchildren were all present.  In addition my Sister, Nephew and Mother were there, Don's Sister & Spouse, 2 Brother's and their spouses including a Nephew.  There were old friends from Wisconsin, Colorado and California!  Brad & Erin hosted a Bar-b-q for everyone, Brad's friends and family and ours as did Brad's parents.  It was great fun getting to know Brad's family and catch up with old friends and family.  A great time was had by all and many tears were shed saying "good-bye"!

Brad & Erin were married outside in the beautiful Aspen Gardens.

The beautiful bride, Erin!

Brad & Erin at the beach, Lake Tahoe.

Brad's Family.

A beautiful toast from Sister, Kathy!   

Tamara & Erin!

High School friend, Ann, from Cameron, WI!

Proud Dad!

Don and his girls!   Not only did I get to share this special time with friends and family, I also shared it with my husband who had been in Costa Rica the past 2 months.  It was wonderful spending time with him and having so much fun!

Brad & Erin we wish you happily ever after!

The day after the wedding and a wonderful Brunch at Brad and Erin's, I headed down the mountain with Kristin and Paul and Madeline to Placerville where they headed back to CO and I joined Matthew, Molly and Cody on their trip home  to Monterey.  The next week was spent with them having a grand time.  Molly has a day care and above Cody is sitting with his little friend Kate.  We took many  walks to the park and around the neighborhood.

Matthew, Molly & Cody!

Matthew and Cody took me to Wild Things which is a rescue home for retired or unwanted large animals.  It was a fun visit and I loved feeding the elephants!

We also spent time at the beach building sand castles and paddling in the water, watching sea creatures and exploring seaweed and "stuff" on the beach!  And, we went on picnics and rode on a bear!  What fun we had!

 The day I left Matthew, Molly and Cody, Cody was sound asleep and not interested in waking up.  Probably a good thing as I was riding a roller coaster of emotions!  Sweet dreams precious boy it was fun playing with all of you!

My last stop on my way back to Costa Rica was Riverside, CA, to visit Matthew, Tamara, Benjamin and Mistaya!  The week was relaxing and inspiring.  Tamara introduced me to Yogalosophy and I've been working on my Yoga ever since.   After 3 months of pretty easy living my muscles needed some work!  Thanks Tamara!

Benjamin is one amazing ball player!!  We spent one day watching 3 games of a tournament that his team won!  At the end of the day we were all pretty tired but very proud!  Way to go Ben!

The week was filled with lots of fun activities including some wonderfully relaxing mornings and movie evenings!  It was Mistaya's (remember Flat Mistaya?  The blonde in the photo is the real Mistaya) Birthday and there was much to do.  Tamara and I painted her bedroom including lots of new accessories.  We drove to LA to the American Girl Store and came home with 2 look alike American Dolls.  One for Mistaya and one

 for her friend Kieley.  (Sorry if this is spelled incorrectly)  Once done exploring American Girl, we drove to Hollywood to check out the sites, look for stars and have some lunch!  A fun day enjoyed by all and leaving once again was such sweet sorrow!!

Although I was unable to spend time at the McDavids this trip, Brent, Kathy, Christine and Katie, I loved spending time with them at Tahoe and am sad we couldn't extend our visit!  

This is my sweet and precious granddaughter Katie!  Thanks for sharing time with us it was a pleasure every minute!

Last but not least, meet my stunning and cherished granddaughter, Christine!  Thanks for being a bright light in my life!

Much love to all!