Thursday, November 14, 2013

R.I.P. Skeeter!

Since my last blog post we've been in a bit of a funk!  Personally, I've been having a pretty elaborate pitty party!  We made our 90 day visa stamping to Nicaragua in mid October (photos to follow) and had a wonderful trip only to return and find that our house had been robbed.  Although we and our landlords were missing a number of things our biggest loss was our dog Skeeter, hence our funk!!  It is our believe that Skeeter was poisoned, and terrified somehow by the people who broke into our home.  The neighbors who were feeding him said he did not eat the entire time we were gone and slept all the time. On our return he was very excited to have us home, however, as time passed we noticed some very strange changes!  He would leave for long periods of time and refuse to eat.  Although he was always excited to see us, there was a wariness when he was near the house.  After a few days he left and never returned and we are afraid he has passed away.  It has been very hard for me to walk as my walking shoes were stolen, but mostly because it is very lonely with Skitter by my side!  He was a wonderful dog and he is truly missed!

Thanks for taking care of us Skeeter.  We love you!

I really do not like taking a bath!

Always close by!

Watching over the finca!

Made me smile!

Let me help!

Hummmm, we need to fix this problem!

Slowly we are replacing the stolen items, except for Skeeter!  The two burner hot plate which replaced our 4 burner gas stove top has been a challenge.  The main problem is that when we try to use the hot plate and our "oven", it pops the breaker turning everything off including our refrigerator!  O.K., we decided to purchase a real gas stove which we picked up yesterday,  but it still needs hooking up and will require trip #3, or is it #4 to town, to complete the process.  It only took a week to have the stove delivered from San Jose to San Ramon!!  As we will need a stove at our new house it seemed prudent to get it now and make life a little easier.  We will also be getting a microwave, as that too was taken.


Francela Jiménez said...

I miss to Skeeter

Matthew Johnson said...

I am so sorry for your loss Mom and Don. Skeeter seemed like a nice dog. We love and miss you both.