Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A "New" Rental for the Roses

It has been awhile since I've blogged.  Moving was part of the reason but the big one was that we lost Skeeter!  We have such a big hole in our hearts it has been difficult for me to write.  I miss him terribly on my walks and we miss having him in our lives.  Losing him for the second time and knowing there is no return has been difficult.  RIP Skeeter, we love you!

It was the end of June this year when we moved about 100 meters to a new rental which includes 2 bathrooms, 2 bedrooms, a garage, security, view, "sewing room" (which I have put to good use) and the usual living, dining (with table and chairs) and kitchen.  Just before our move here, we took a trip to Turrubares to visit our builder friend, as we needed a bed at our new home.  We met at his house and visited there awhile.  Then to his parent's house where we spent a good part of the day eating and visiting with new friends and old.  In the afternoon, with clouds rolling in, the sound of thunder and an hour or so of downpour, we decided it was time to head home.  Our last trip to Turrubares it was necessary to pass through the rio (river) to get to our friends home.  Fortunately, this trip we were able to use the new bridge to cross some very deep and turbulent waters.  Unfortunately, the little tributary, which we also had to cross, had no bridge and was a little more difficult!

As we approached what we thought was a small stream, the water was rising and flowing. Not only was the water in the stream bed, but creeping onto the road we were traveling.  Our friends were ahead of us driving a little Toyota Echo and halted behind another car causing us to stop also!

We all got out of the car and
watched as the water continued to rise and come closer and closer to where we had parked.  On the other side, we watched as others sat waiting for the situation to improve.

The first car to stop was our gauge for how high the water was rising.

But one look at the white caps and the speed of the flow convinced us that we needed to be patient before crossing, even with our 4 x 4.  Both sides of the river were now backing up with vehicles waiting to cross.

This was about the high point.  From here the water slowly began to recede. After about a little more than an hours delay, and watching the first brave souls pass through, we were headed home.

The 4 wheelers went first.

Then some horses.

And, finally it was safe enough for the little Toyota Echo to pass and we followed behind.  All in all, a fun adventure and a pretty common experience in Costa Rica in the rainy season.

The result of our trip to Turrubares is our new bed!  Don made a trip down to pick it up and carefully drove it home.  Part on top and part inside our new bed arrived in perfect condition and we have truly enjoyed sleeping on it since our move!

Good job Don!!

Although our rental came with a refrigerator we purchased a larger one--we do like to eat.  Errol offered his truck to pick the refrigerator up for which we were grateful.  The men loaded the refrigerator while the ladies watched, and we headed out the door of the owners garage---almost!

Unfortunately, the refrigerator was too tall to go through the doorway!  If nothing else, Costa Ricans are resourceful and having encountered a similar problem, air was removed from Errol's tires and we were soon on our way!!

The view we have is similar to the one from the other house and from our property.  All though we look at the same area, because of angles, hills and other things, we always get a little different scene!

The first week here, while walking up our hill to the main road I came across this beautiful double rainbow and had to share it!  

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