Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Beautiful Zarcero, Costa Rica!

A day trip to Zarcero turned out to be a delightful experience starting with the beautiful church in the center of town overlooking a spectacular park.

The inside of the church was breathtaking and meticulously maintained.

We assumed this was a type of casket for a child which was very ornate and beautiful but a little unsettling at the same time.

Leaving the church we look over the manicured park which is full of the most incredible gardens, shrubs and flowers.

Sculptures to walk through and admire!  The entire park was spectacular!

In front of these unusual sculptured gardens are our friends Guy and Maryse.  Not only are they wonderful friends, they are also our "social directors"!  We have a tendency to get caught up in our busy lives with the coffee finca, building a home, meeting new people, trying to learn Spanish, etc. and end up sticking close to home.  Since meeting Guy and Maryse, we have enjoyed some wonderful outings and are very grateful for their research and the little push they give us to get us out of  Berlin.  Thanks so much Guy and Maryse! You are greatly appreciated and we are looking forward to our next adventure!!  

Proof that we too were there!


Can you believe how big this sculpture is?  I cannot imagine creating or maintaining all of these characters. 

 Everywhere we looked and walked we discovered something different, unusual and beautiful!

Even the trash bins were covered with art work.  A very fun place to visit!

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Virginia Cannon said...

I am so happy you are out and about doing things with your friends, Guy and Maryie. Hopefully they speak English, and maybe Spanish as we'll.Ginny