Sunday, February 01, 2015

Finished for Another Year!

Our second season of picking coffee has come to an end and once again, it's time for a pizza thank you party.  We loosely gathered for photos outside and ended up with a couple as people came and went.

 Here we have Susana and her brother, Antony, and their Mother, Olga.  Next in line is Faviola, her cousin, Yumary, Yoselin, sister to Susana and Antony, Me and Roberto.

 In this photo from the left is Olga, Don, Mairith, Yumary's aunt, Valaria, Yumary's little sister, Roberto, Yumary and Fabiola.  We seem to be missing Yuslania, Sebastian and Avelado!

The party was well equipped with cell phones and once everyone had our wifi password there was complete silence!  Roberto, not interested in social media, helped distribute the food and drinks.  Thanks Roberto!

A little pizza and a little Facebook!! :)

There's Yuslania and her youngest daughter, Valaria, Sebastian, Fabiola and Mairith.  Avelado showed up a little later after arriving home from working in San Jose all week.  

Olga's husband, Pedro, also joined us and it was fun getting to know him a little better.  Thanks everyone for a great job picking!  Hope to see you all next year!

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