Monday, December 14, 2015

And the Work Goes On!!!

The house is looking great from at distance!  You could almost believe that it is finished!!

As we get a little closer you notice the trappings of construction and realize there is still more to be done!

The counters in the guest bathroom are looking good and waiting for the polisher to have that finishing touch.  Don is looking forward to pitching in on that part of the project as it is a learning experience for the workers.

In the 1/2 Bathroom the counters are at the same level of completion.This picture looks funny, because the boards you see are not the finished work, they are sporting the curing concrete above.

The toilet in the 1/2 bath, which was sitting so close to the wall that we hit our elbows, has been moved over.  There actually now sits a "comfy toilet."

Our bathroom is also at a similar stage but sanding to round the edges still continues.

The windows and doors are at a bit of a stand still and, although we have heard from the window makers, we do not know when they plan to return and finish the job. Our requests were many and complicated and they've had to put off some of their regular clients.
The French Doors in the Studio from the outside and the inside. The space above

The upstairs Bedroom is in need of some replacement glass where it was cracked when installing.

Our Bedroom Closet is where the Window Guys lived when working on the installing of our windows.  As the house progresses, they need to get back here to finish the job or we will be moved in and they will have NO place to stay while working!

As you can see, they came well prepared with cooking equipment, refrigerator, t.v and a dish for reception.

The Kitchen counters are coming along and, with the help of our friend Yoselin, Don and Max can even communicate about what is needed and wanted.

Just behind Don is were the oven and microwave will be located.  Max is working on the water line to the dishwasher and to the left of Yoselin will be the sink.

Thanks Yoselin!

Here there is more progress!  The counter at the left of the photo will be my "Office", next to the refrigerator!

At one end of the island will be the Cook Top, shown here.  The other end will have a bench and table with 3 chairs.  Coffee anyone?

The Bench will be made from wood--another project for Don.  He is going to be very busy once we get to move in making benches, shelving, inside doors, dish rack, bathroom cabinets and wall, etc. and that doesn't even touch on all the things that need doing outside!

The oven/microwave section of the counter is farther along in this photo.

Jorge is busy working on the railing that goes up the left side of the stairs.

Smile, Jorge!

The stairs started out looking like this, only concrete!

Now the tops are covered with wood and the fronts with tile.  We like the look much better and hope wood will be a softer landing for anyone slipping on the stairs!

Jorge has also been busy in the Laundry room making a stand for the wash sink that will go in next to the washer and dryer.  When it was time to install the sink it was discovered that it was too big to fit where the plumbing and wiring was set for the washer and dryer.  With a little chipping and adjusting all is well.

Outside work is being done on pipes for sewer and plumbing and electric lines.  If you will notice the wooden structure behind Marvin, that is what is currently being used to hold the electrical wiring for construction!  Remember we had to lift it when the large box trucks were backing up to the house to unload all our stuff?

In the foreground, the concrete boxes in the ground are for the propane tank, electric and rainwater clean out!


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