Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Moved In and Up Goes the Garage!

These photos are shortly after my return from the states as we were slowly unpacking some boxes and saving others for when the garage is complete and shelves and other things are finished.

The kitchen is functioning after a number of adjustments.  The first two weeks I was home only the microwave and oven were working properly.  Both the dryer and cook top were set up for natural gas and needed to be converted to propane.  Finally, we found someone with the right equipment and knowledge to make the changes.  Now, all we need in the kitchen is the plate rack and lots of shelves.  Fortunately, Don has made the shelves under the counters and we have metal shelving in the pantry which allows us room to unpack a bit here and there.

Looking into the Dining Room things aren't quite so organized and you can see the breaker box is still uncovered!

 The Living Room is now usable and we are really enjoying our own furniture.

Although we are now eating on the Dining Room table, this was the situation for a number of weeks!  Can you believe our large crock arrived in perfect condition?  Unfortunately,  Don had to make repairs to our Oak table because the pedestal was broken but all is well now.

Boxes, boxes and more boxes!

Our entertainment center fits perfectly in our hallway which ended up quite a bit larger than we had planned.  Although we had tried to sell it in North Carolina, we were pleased that it was here.  In the center of the photo is the Visitor's Bathroom which is awaiting a door.  Don is going to be very busy once the garage is finished!!

Speaking of the garage, here it is!  The roof is now complete, the windows are in and there is work being done on the plumbing and electrical today. Once all the work is complete Don and I are going to paint inside and out and then move all the garage stuff out of our house!  YEAH!!

We've been so busy working on the inside of the house and the yard (some what) we have not been good about taking pictures of the progress on the garage.

Here you can see the roof and the water tower sticking up behind.

Now that the water tower is ready, it is time to hoist the water tank.  Everyone pitched in and it happened quickly!

Moving up!


Almost there!

Over the guard rail and.....

Success!  Now to figure out how it all works!

The other big event that has happened is the installation of the Hot Tub. It only took four visits and two weeks to get it done and we have used it every day since!

Whether watching the sun set or all the twinkling lights of the surrounding towns, it is very relaxing and we are truly enjoying our Hot Tub!

Another beautiful sunset!

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fogerty said...

Looks great Sharon and DB. I love the kitchen. What do you need a water tower for? I thought you had water run to the house?