Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Walk to the Finca

This afternoon we walked to the Cafe Finca (our property) as it is picking season and there is lots of activity along the road.  People were dropping their coffee at the Receivers where they it is weighed and graded.   Just as we were about to turn down our road we saw this group of pickers using a horse to transport the coffee.  

While at the Finca we discovered that a couple of our banana trees are producing bananas!   YEAH!  I can hardly wait to pick and eat them!  If you look carefully you can see the rather graphic growth that is sprouting out.  This growth is where the bananas will start to grow.  Each time we go by we will up date you on the progress of our first bananas!


Trose said...

Hi Grandpa Rose and Nana. We love the pictures. Mistaya says, "I love you."

Anne and Ron said...

Sharon and Don, I am May Moore's sister, and I just LOVE your blog! What a great experience and sharing it with others!
Anne Knopf

Anne and Ron said...
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Debby McGrath said...

Just love keeping up with your adventure! Hugs!