Sunday, November 11, 2012

Busy Going Through the Process!

We want you to meet a few of the wonderful family members who are renting us our casa.  Marcella, the lady who usually lives in the casa with her family, was not there at the time. Her Dad,       , Mother, Roselin and her Brother, Dario are pictured here with me. We had stopped by, unfortunately interrupting the big soccer game between Alajuela and San Jose.  It is our understanding they are big rivals being located right next to each other. The Chavarria family was rooting for San Jose and San Jose lost!  Dario, the young man next to me, is wonderful with English and very patient with all our many questions.

La Duquesa is a bakery, restaurant, here in Costa Rica that we visit frequently when arriving in San Ramon before 7 a.m.  It's a great place for a coffee and a bathroom stop before getting down to business.  At times we have also blogged there as they have WIFI.  

The place we catch and depart from the bus in San Ramon is called the Parada.  It's quite amazing to watch all the people and buses move, usually smoothly, through this rather small space almost like a ballet.

It has been quite awhile since our last posting and we have been very busy!  Norm Bonin graciously took us to the bank to meet the Manager, Roy, and get us started on opening a bank account.  After 3 visits and a trip to the attorney, we are hoping to have our debit cards and our account next Thursday!  We are told this is a normal experience.  Applying for our drivers license has not been so successful.  Although we needed to go to San Jose to apply, there were a number of steps we could cover in San Ramon to save time.  Thanks to our friend, Joe Tursi, who had been through the process and shared all the requirements we successfully had our physical,  made 3 copies, blood test, made 3 copies and also made the required copies of our passport and current drivers license.  At this point we were feeling pretty proud of how well we had completed the necessary steps and acquired the necessary copies.   At this point we returned home with our usual load of groceries and "stuff" sure we were prepared for our two day trip to San Jose.


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The caption on your pix was made by the young man that assisted you at the MB airport that morning, he almost sang it.

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