Monday, January 21, 2013

"Flat Mistaya" Comes to Visit!

While visiting our Daughter and her family in CO our Granddaughter, Mistaya, sent "Flat Mistaya" to Sharon to learn about Costa Rica.  "Flat Mistaya" has gone with me since I returned and we are sharing our Costa Rica experience with her.
Before we share what we've been doing with "Flat Mistaya", we want to introduce you to our "New Old" vehicle that has been so long in coming.  She is a 1995 Hyundai Galloper with 4 wheel drive, diesel engine, Turbo and "all the extra's."  She seats 7 and, so far, has not found the road she cannot navigate!

Although not glamorous, she is in pretty good shape for her age and getting all the necessary equipment to the finca is now possible. 
Speaking of equipment for the finca, here "Flat Mistaya "  is hitching a ride with Don on the Bomba that is used to spray the coffee.  Don and Roberto have been spraying the weeds since I returned home from CO and even before.  That process is completed until the rainy season starts and we will have to spray for fungus.   Now we are pruning, picking berries that have been left behind and cleaning up all the debris that has collected over the years.  There is no shortage of work and the 3 of us just plug along.

Can you see "Flat Mistaya" on the Bomba?
These are the new "steps" up to the cistern where our water is located.

This is the water faucet where Don and Roberto fill the Bomba's to create the right mix for spraying. You will notice that Sharon doesn't seem to be doing any spraying!   Well.....those Bombas full of water are very heavy and there are many other things for me to do.

"Flat Mistaya" is checking out the inside of the old cistern.  At one time we were going to recement it but have decided not to--at the moment.

"Flat Mistaya" met our Employee, Roberto, and is hitching a ride.

This is the Cana Plant which is used for windbreak and natural fencing in the coffee fields.
"Flat Mistaya" is hiding in the Cana leaves can you find her!

It wouldn't be a day at the finca without checking out the bananas. They are looking good! Not ready for picking but filling out.

"Flat Mistaya" said she really liked bananas!  She loved sitting there and didn't want to get down! Can't blame her we love bananas too!
Here we are introducing "Flat Mistaya" to our Mango tree. Unfortunately, they are just in the flowering stage so we have no fruit to see or eat.  From June on is Mango season and I can hardly wait!  

When Don was here  2/3 years ago he planted 3 mango trees in among our coffee plants and this is one of them.  They are all about the same size and are covered in booms!  We have never seen a Mango on a tree and are looking forward to seeing how well our trees produce!


Carole said...

Love Flat Mistaya! That's a fun thing to do. I got to do that with one of Casey's kids. Mistaya will love sharing that with her class.

Kathleen McD said...

Lucky flat Mistaya! Have fun

Kathleen McD said...

Lucky flat Mistaya! Have fun

Kathleen McD said...

Have fun Flat Mistaya!