Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Water for Talapia!

Sunday we took a ride to our neighbor, Meli's, house to deliver a chain we had purchased to lock up her gate.  Meli and Jim live at the bottom of the road that circles our property.  It's a big circle!!
Here you can see the work that has been done on the road which was very much in need of repair.  This part of the road is below where we need to travel to reach our casa or our coffee. The trip to Meli's house, although still not smooth or easy, was much improved over our previous visits.

There is still much work to be done and they haven't even started on the public road down to our house or the main road.  We take an optomistic wait and see attitude on most things here and it seems to keep us somewhat sane dealing with the "poco poco" progress of events.  Today Don and Roberto are in San Ramon applying for permits to allow us to improve our private road and bring electricity to our casa once it is available on the public road.  I am home waiting for friends, Steve and Jennifer, to come for a visit and doing the ever mounting paperwork.  Don has returned and, of course, is missing one important piece of paper that we didn't know we needed!  So goes life in CR!

Here the road has been  widened in front of their casa and is great for parking our "New Old" vehicle which is still leaking some oil and needs a bit of TLC.

When we arrived at Meli's house she was having problems with her water.  Not an uncommon occurance here in Costa Rica.  We are very fortunate to have municipal water.  Anyway, we offered to help and headed to the woods.  There I am heading to the problem that we hope we can fix.

As you can see there are water line just coming down the hill resting on whatever is available.  The blue is the water line and we follow it up the hill through the dense growth until we reach the part of the trail where we need to climb a steep cliff with nothing to grab except the root you can see in the photo below.
Being the sensible one of the group I decided to remain at the bottom of this "cliff" in case rescue was needed.  Believe me the photo does not do justice to the difficulty of climbing this part of the slope.

While Don and Meli were risking their lives to bring water to the much loved Talapia, I enjoyed the beautiful pool full of floating leaves and the other incredible scenes all around me!

They survived the trip up and back, beat on the pipes, shook them and with hope in our hearts we headed back to Meli's house and the Talipia ponds which are in constant need of running water. The fish had water, however, just as we were leaving the hose for watering Meli's flowers stopped running!! Meli headed back up the hill and we headed home!

 Returning to Meli's we played a bit more with the water pipes and caught 3 Talapia for us to take home for dinner!  YUM, YUM!
With a little help from "Flat Mistaya" Don cleaned the wonderful Talapia which we enjoyed for dinner.

Thank you Meli for an adventure and a wonderful meal!!  Well friends and family that's it for adventures in Costa Rica today, however, I want to leave you with this beautiful scene I viewed in the middle of the night of a full moon and a spectacular view from my livingroom window! 

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