Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The "Road" to Turrucares!

Both Don and I seem  to be focused on all the projects we have going since our move to Costa Rica.  The Coffee Finca, Employees, Architects, Builders, Water, Electricity, etc. and we sometimes need a little help to  have some fun, not to say what we are doing is not fun!  Anyway, Roberto, our Employee, invited us to go to Turrucares for Flor's (Soda owner) birthday celebration which was going to be a big surprise "and she really misses us"!   We are easily buttered up and thinking we are an important ingredient in this special celebration, we agree to drive Roberto and ourselves to Turrucares for the evening's celebration!  After all, it's only an hour away and Flor is a special friend!  Roberto had originally wanted to make the trip Friday night as well but we said "no" to two trips in our "New Old" vehicle that still needs some minor TLC.  We can only be buttered so far!  You also need to remember Roberto speaks no English and our Spanish is questionable at best.

As usual we all worked Saturday morning until noon and headed home to clean up for the trip to Turrucares and Flor's Birthday celebration.  While getting ready there is knock on the door and outside our little casa stands 5 people:  Flor's Son, Daughter-in-Law and 3 children, including one just over a year old.  We are now a very full vehicle, including Flat Mistaya, totaling 9,  and short 1 child seat and a seatbelt--huge fines in Costa Rica!!  As we were running late, Roberto walked up the hill and met us at our casa with his baggage.  I also forgot to mention that Flor's family came with bags and tents! this point we are wondering what else has been lost in translation.

Roberto assured us all would be well and we took off down the road which quickly became steep, rocky and a constant beautiful vista.  I'm attaching a video that I took on this questionable road and hope that I can get it to work!  I've downloaded 4 times---maybe it will work for you!!

We crossed streams and saw many breathtaking vistas along the way.

The ever present cows (vacas) with calves were  enjoyed by young and old alike with a stream of "Mooos" and  "Ahhhhhs" at the adorable young ones.   By the way those sounds are the same in Spanish and English!

There were incredible trees of all kinds including Mango trees that were full of ripening Mangoes!  Don refused to stop and let me sample a few.  Guess I'll have to get my fill from the Farier (Saturday Market).

After 2 1/2 hours of questionable roads, crossing streams and wondering if we would ever get anywhere, we arrived in Orotina--civilization at last. However, a little nerve wracking with the load in our vehicle.  Now we are wondering why we are parking, and why Carlos and Roberto are leaving the vehicle!  The rest of us just sit and "bake" and wait!  The closer you get to the Pacific the warmer it becomes and we are much closer than when we are in Berlin.  The other problem is that our one back window does not go down and I'm feeling badly for our remaining passengers.

A "short" while later Roberto and Carlos return with a large box containing a birthday cake and candles shaped like a 5 and 7.  By the way 57 not 75.

Our last hurdle before our destination is forging a river!  Unfortunately, I was so concerned about making it across the rather large and moving river that I didn't get a photo!

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Erin said...

I can not believe the amount of people you had stuffed in your car. Not to mention a cake and a baby. No wonder you were taken down the back roads. They were testing your driving skills.