Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Visitors from North Carolina, Yahoo!

Steve and Jennifer came for a quick visit one afternoon while vacationing in Costa Rica.  They had been exploring areas nearer the Pacific as possible places for retirement and stopped by Berlin on their way back to San Jose and the airport.

Jennifer and Steve are pretty good at keeping up with our blog and after all the experience we've had with making and eating tamales we decided to make them a Costa Rican lunch including tamales, choyote (not sure of the spelling), coffee, of course, and papaya for desert!

After eating lots of local fare we headed to the finca to introduce them to coffee farming.  We started with the view about where our house is to be built!

Then we headed for the coffee and lots of discussion and tasting and just looking around.  The visit was way too short and before we knew it, it was time for Steve and Jennifer to head to the airport and back to the states.  We loved having them visit if only for a short while and hope they come back when we have a place for them to stay and more time to chat.  l

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