Thursday, February 14, 2013

Planting and Drying

We are starting our post today with a photo of some of the incredible Bougenvelia that are currently in full bloom.  The colors range from purple, to pink, to red or orange with just about everything inbetween.

While Don and Roberto have been pruning the coffee plants and just cleaning up debris, I've been picking coffee and love doing it.  I get to be outside, which is such a treat after 9 years sitting at a sewing machine--which I also loved and miss terribly!  Anywa,y I've picked so much coffee we have it drying everywhere:  here in the cistern, on our septic tank and piazza at the casa and even in the casa.  Once it is dried we will take it to a Tico near our property who processes and roasts the berries.  Then....we will have our own coffee to drink and share with friends and family!

This is also a phto of the cistern which is now completely covered with coffee!

Remember the Yucca we saw on our adventure?  Well, these are the sticks we were given to plant.  Don is recutting them so they can soak in the bucket of water for a couple hours while we dig holes.  He is cutting the Yucca on the side of the old cistern where our coffee is drying.

The Yucca soaks.

Here we are planting on the side of a hill next to the cistern and the road to our property.  It was real fun digging and planting while trying not to slide down the hill!  We are told that it takes 3 months to grow Yucca so we will keep you posted!

Although I don't have a photo to post, we have another bunch of bananas starting to grow.  The others are still not ready to pick!  Darn!!  Hopefully soon.  We've been picking lots of oranges both sour and sweet.  We give the sour away because I'm not motivated to squeeze them, add sugar (lots) and water to make fresca.  People here seem to love them and make fresca (fruit drink) out of everything.  We actually prefer eating the wonderful fruit!

I'm going to end this post with a video of one of our spectacular sunsets which are the norm not the exception!  Pura Vida!!


Joyce Grazetti said...

I love to read your blog. Miss you a lot. Good to hear your voices on the video. Joyce

Erin said...

I love to see all the coffee beans!! I am hoping to be special enough to get to try it when you come in June!!

Erin said...
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Trose said...

Fun. You guys look so happy :). Can't wait to drink some of your coffee! Can't wait for you to be ready for us to visit!