Thursday, April 11, 2013

Fire & Water!

 As many of you may know, Don loves to build large brush fires.  Here is one a number that he has already enjoyed and I was actually there to help this time.  We are burning cuttings from the fruit trees Don has pruned, coffee wood that has also been pruned and just stuff we have cleaned out of the coffee fields!  Also, Cana which is slow to burn and sizzles and pops until it dries out.

The fire was a bit smokey and we kept it going most of the day burning whatever we lugged out of the fields.

There's my little fire bug!
At this point I'm pooped and done for the day.  My boots are off and I'm ready to head home, Skeeter too!

It seems Don isn't the only one who enjoys a good burn.  Costa Ricans love to burn only they burn hillsides.  This hillside got a little out of control but fortunately did no real damage.  This must be the season for burning and we are constantly seeing smoke off in the distance.

Wednesday Don and Roberto dug a ditch and laid water pipes up to the area where we are building.  It was grueling work with huge boulders and roots measuring 12" on a very steep hill.  As you can see, I took photos!!

Easy day for me!  I actually did more than take photos.  I cut the yucca and cana that was growing in placed we did not want it and painted it with "special stuff" so it will die.  I also cleaned up some of the fields.  A busy day for all!

Getting close to the top!
Finally at the top and look who is here to help--Skeeter!
Or should I say "be a pest"!  Skeeter can be very needy at times but mostly he's great!  By the end of the day the pipe was buried and we had a faucet at the top of the hill.  Thanks Don and Roberto.  Oh, yeah, you too Skeeter! 

Pura Vida!

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fogerty said...

I miss you guys but it looks like you are having a blast