Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Progress of Power!

So much of what is done in Costa Rica is done by people.  Four men dug the holes necessary for the concrete poles that hold the wiring for phone, electricity and internet. 

Once the holes were dug a large truck arrived with the concrete poles and deposited them into the each hole with a large crane.  

This post hole was dug not only by men but by ants.  Remember the large ant hill we shared on a previous post.  Well, the men digging were happy to discover that the ants had done half of their work!

Done digging for the day and ready for the wiring to arrive.

The wiring arrived, also on a very large truck, which, unfortunately, became stuck in the drainage ditch on the side of the road!  A call to Roberto who called Paco (Backhoe owner) and by late in the day much of the wiring was done and the truck was free!  We never imagined that the site of power lines would be something that would make us smile.  Isn't life a kick?

The job isn't quite complete, however, Paco and his backhoe will arrive on Monday to dig the ditch that will be used to put underground the wiring from the last pole to our homesite.

Don arrived from the finca this afternoon to report that the transformer has been added to the existing poles and wiring.  Not only that, we also have a street light!  Now how "uptown" is that?

As I am leaving for Denver Saturday at 6:00 a.m. we will have to rely on Don to supply the photos and information for me to continue blogging!

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