Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Just in Time!

As I have mentioned, we are approaching the rainy season and have already experienced some showers but, I am pleased to report that work is being done to provide our house with a roof!!  Just in Time!!  

While the house is readying for the rains we too are creating ditches to direct the flow of water across our driveway and in other places around the finca.  Actually, Don, Roberto and Jeffry are doing the work--I blog!  Go Don!

Before the metal framework can be created, the correct angles need to be determined and designated.  This job is performed very simply with two men and a piece of string!

One man is at the bottom of where the roof will be and another is at the top of the pitch.

The next step in the process is the arrival of the welder.  Once the pieces of metal have been cut the welder performs his special task completing the shapes of metal structure required to hold the metal roofing material.

These metal structures are then welded to the re-bar protruding from the concrete walls.  This completes a structure that is totally attached.

As you can see, we will have an overhang of almost 1 meter to 
protect the building and us from the elements.

Lots of metal.  They are starting with the roof that covers our bedroom and will next do the Bell Tower.  Last will be the roof covering all the corridor because that space is more complicated.

A view from down below.

Lots of metal!

This day I had company on my walk to the finca.  Olga and her daughter, Yoselin came along to check out the progress on the house, get some exercise, and.....

Eat Mora Berries.  Our two bushes have gone nuts this year and we are enjoying a bumper crop.  Every time we are at the finc we eat 'till full and the next day there are more!  Yummmm!!!  I always forget to bring a container to pick into!  Oh, well, the mouth works quite well!

This shot is the front, view side, of the house with the bigger corridor. You can see where the little rains we've had are creating the path they wish to run.

While the metal work progresses nicely, on another part of the house men are putting up the wood beams that will be visible above the Corridors as well as inside the house.   Because of the possibility of rain, each of the beams has been individually wrapped in plastic to keep them relatively dry.

I would guess figuring out all these angles would be a challenge.  Definitely not my cup of tea.

Here you can see the plastic and another corner!

Just another view from in the living room!

The metal roofing material is attached to the metal structure and things are starting to be covered!

 Looking up the stairs.

The roof is completely covering our Bedroom here.  What you can also see are the two windows that will be on the side of our Terraza off our Bedroom.  These two windows will not only eliminate the feeling of being in a box on our Terraza but will also let natural light into the Living Room.

At present it is difficult to maneuver inside the house because of all the ladders and scaffolding used to construct the roof work on the high walls.

Lots of plastic to cover the wood beams.   Many beams!  Maybe I should count them???

The many beams on the back (North) side Corridor.

Bananas and beams!

As we drive around our finca to reach different sections of the coffee we can see the back side of the house up above the coffee field.

Getting close to finishing the wood beams along this side and preparing to work on the Bell Tower.

This is how it is done!  With a little help from a friend!

The metal roofing sits out of the weather waiting to be put into place.

Beams on the back side.

Looks like a roof and more and more like a house.

One more view showing two master bath windows!

Up close and personal!

Getting close to the end of the wood beams.  

Looking good!

A little different angle from down below.  Lots of coffee!

The roof from the front.  Oh, yes, that is me making sure I watch where I'm going because the place is loaded with obstacles!  And....not only construction obstacles but also large toads and other critters!

A roof for the Bell Tower as seen from the driveway!

As were leaving on Sunday, Maryse shot this photo from the main road zooming in!  Her zoom is much better than mine and I love how it shows the Nicoya Bay and Nicoya Peninsula in the background!  What a view!!

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