Thursday, July 30, 2015

Felines, Facia and Friends!

While our friends Guy and Maryse are in Boston, we are home base for their kitty, Tigra.  As Tigra began her life as a feral cat, she is quite independent and there was no keeping her inside.  As per instructions from Guy and Maryse, we let her out the first day!  UGH!  The first night she didn't return to eat--we were concerned, by the second, we were getting worried and by the third, we thought our friends were coming home to no kitty.  Low and behold on the fourth day of her visit, Tigra arrived hungry but in good shape!  We rejoiced, welcomed her with "open arms", so to speak as she is a bit skittish, and told Maryse and Guy they still had a kitty.  

Two months later Tigra has become very comfortable and more present, spending evenings curled up with us on the sofa!  We will miss her when she is gone and have enjoyed her visit.

Here is a sample of one of Tigra's gift to us!  No thanks, Tigra!  We love our birds!  However, last night we were grateful for her hunting skills.  All evening she was sitting alert and trying to find something under the table where we keep our printer.  O.K., so we trusted her instincts and took the area apart and discovered one very large mouse!!  Don caught it by the tail with our, "Snake Catching Tool",  and took it outside followed closely by Tigra.  Needless to say, we slept better knowing that something wasn't running around our house that night.

Our house is not the only one that Juan Carlos is building in Berlin.  Jane and Milton are also building a home and the workers go back and forth depending where they are needed for the current project.  This day they had just finished pouring the concrete floors which is a very labor intensive.  At the end of the day they were all standing around and agreed to pose for a photo!  All nice guys who work very hard!

This is Jane and Milton's house just after the concrete floor was finished.  They now have walls which we will share at a later date.
Although our houses are approximately 4 miles apart by using the road, by way the crow flies however, we can see theirs and they can see ours!

The more that gets done on the outside of the house the more we like our choice of paint color!  Whew!!  The Fascia is a dark stain, the soffit is white and the windows will be teal!

Speaking of windows!  These are our windows being constructed in a little town called Perez Zeledon by a company called SoldaduraCMH.  We have been working with Ceasar, the owner, and Isaac who translates for us.  Each window is custom made, primed, painted and then delivered and installed.  We are eager to see the finished product!

Where the red lines are in the photo will be more metal creating the long narrow French Industrial style window panes we wanting to create.

The electrician has been busy putting all the wiring where it needs to be for lights, switches, fans, appliances and plugs.  This is our main switch box, located in the kitchen, which will be disguised with a bulletin board to help with our vintage memories. 

The window into the Bell Tower looks very dark looking in from the Master Bedroom!

As we look inside it is much brighter, especially with the white paint on the walls.  These photos show before and after the ceiling was added.  Now all we need is the bell!  :)  Anyone know where we can get a church bell?

 The terraza outside our Bedroom has been painted, the ceilings and wiring are in, and the walls inside are been primed.

As we head downstairs, above the landing the roof is still not completed.  The beams need to be extended and the roof added, which we are told is no problem.

The bottom step has been added but not finished.  Eventually, the stairs will have wood tops and tile fronts.  There will be a railing and half wall on the left side of the stairs going up and a space to the right of the stairs for something "special"!

The Living Room and Dining Room walls are finished to a wonderful smoothness.

All of these walls have also been finished to perfection.  The men have worked for weeks, with far more patience and skill that I have, to create a wonderful surface for our walls.

 The view from the Studio ceiling shows the beginning metal supports of a ceiling hung below the roof.

Eventually, our view of the Bell Tower will vanish.  The two small arched windows are located in our Bathroom.  

The fascia around the Bell Tower, Second and First Floors really makes things come together.  Next will be gutters and with rainy season upon us they will be a much needed addition.

Don snapped this photo this morning and look---gutters are on the Bell Tower and the roof over our Bedroom! :)  The men are finishing more roof and the work goes on!

Pura Vida!

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Vicki Kielar said...

Your home is really looking amazing! we can see a lot of thought and labor has gone in to your project! Hopefully you won't be "roughing it" for much longer and then you can have a nice siesta on your veranda!

We miss you both and wish you much happiness in your new home! Your marriage must be very strong to have survived this construction process and living conditions while under construction..,