Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Joy of Painting--NOT!

 Now that the roof is on the second floor and the fascia, a dark stain, is attached, it is our job to decide the color we want the house painted. The beams in the house and above the Corridor will be the same dark color stain. As I mentioned before, Juan wants all the work done on the second floor while the scaffolding is up to avoid damaging the new roof.  So, we went to the paint store asking for some samples to take home!  No samples!!  They did have the standard "fan" of all the sample colors but no individual ones for the customer.  I'd like to say it took one visit to the paint store and we were thrilled with our choice, but I'm afraid that wasn't that wasn't the case.  Trying to imagine what a color 1.5" x 1.5", or smaller, is going to look like on a huge house is next to impossible.  The bright yellow you see on the Bell Tower was our first choice!  No thank you!  We could not imagine so much yellow, so back to the paint store.

Color #2, seen here on the right side of the Bell Tower, was closer but a bit too cold!  Back to the paint store and this time we pried the "fan" sample out of the hands of the paint store clerk and took it home with us to do some serious studying and discussing!  Finally, sick of looking at paint swatches, we made a decision and agreed that this would be our choice no matter what.  Three's the charm, right!  This time we chose two colors!  One for the main parts of the house and a bit darker color for the Corridor walls, hoping to add some interest!  Through all our changes, Juan and the workers were very patient and cheerful and we are grateful for their tranquil Tico attitudes!

Ta da!  This is our final color decision!  The name is White Wine--how can we go wrong!  The walls of the corridor will be a slight shade darker, however, they have not put any of that color on yet.

The work going on now is very laborious and the changes are subtle but important.  Much work is being done on smoothing the walls both inside and out.  Ceilings, fascia and soffit  are systematically being added to the second floor.  The soffit is white,  (tinged pink by the reflection of the roof), the fascia is a dark stain  and the ceilings are also white.

Here the soffits look quite pink from the refection of the Terracotta roof.

Our house is ending up with some interesting roof angles and connections.  This particular corner is yet to be connected and covers the landing of our stairs. This shot is taken from the Terrazzo outside our bedroom.

The corridor outside the Studio.  

The large windows in the second story are on the side of the Terrazzo and give us a view of what is happening downstairs, as well as avoiding a blank wall upstairs.  We will be filling these with clear safety glass.  Below you can see the foam that will eventually be covered when the ceiling is finished with glass-board and more cement downstairs.

Another shot from the back Corridor looking toward the rear of the house with the finca down below on the left.  And below, looking to the front of the house.

A peak through the hall window!

Watering is a constant to set up the concrete!  

Our bedroom ceiling with that same pink glow! :)

The cords that are visible hanging down from the ceiling will eventually be canister lights.  After living in Tico houses with a much more conservative  lighting system than we are used to, we may have gone a bit overboard with our lighting!

Again, every wall is smoothed to perfection!

The piles of construction materials are a constant and constantly changing.

Today, instead of leaving you with one of our spectacular sunsets, we have a double rainbow that showed up in the sky yesterday morning as our friends were leaving for the airport!  Pura vida!

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