Sunday, October 04, 2015

A Peek at Windows!

A little over a week ago we returned from our trip to NC to over see the loading of all our material goods onto a 40 foot shipping container.  The container was supposed to leave Savanah, GA, on the 24 of September, unfortunately, in the middle of hurricane season.  Our trip to NC, and the ensuing adventures, will be in a later blog.  Today, we are catching up on the sample windows we saw before leaving.

A few days before we left for North Carolina, Cesar, Isaac and two other employees arrived with a sampling of our doors and windows on this trailer. The windows fared o.k., however, some of the glass was in pieces.

 The color wasn't exactly what we had imagined so, we went back to the paint store to try again.  Hopefully, our second choice is closer as it is our last chance!  Don ad Isaac are fitting the Dining Room window.  Originally, these larger windows were to have lintels at the top but the sample arrived with windows all the way to the top.  After seeing the windows in place and what would happen with the addition of the lintels, we decided we liked them just the way they were.


Leaning against the side of the house are the sides pieces of the Dining Room window that will open.

Also in the Dining Room, this 
arched window will also open to let in lots of Berlin's fresh air.

Sliding right in!

Cesar and Isaac are working on putting the Kitchen door together.  Except for our large French doors, all the doors are Dutch doors opening at the top while the bottom can remain closed.

The bottom is almost done.

Now for the top.  That's Don talking on the phone, a rare site!

Just a little tweeking!  This door, like the other doors, will have a lintel at the top.

Cesar looking pleased at the "finished" product!

It fits but needs a little work before it can stay, including repainting.                                      

The arched Dining Room window.

While the windows were being tested the usual work was also going on.  Beams were going up in the Dining Room.

Progress with the beams even with a few interruptions.

This is the view from our Bedroom Terraza.

Starting to look finished on the outside.

 A little "adjusting" has been done to the second floor roof line to give us an overhang to protect the window.  When it is complete the gutter people will have to return to lengthen the gutter.

Most of the walls are now finished smooth and covered with primer.  Marco does great work and lives in the bodega on the property.  We even find him working if we stop by on a Sunday.                      

A rather interesting view of the Bell Tower!  It's a long ways up there!

                              Pura Vida!

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