Sunday, October 18, 2015

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggidy Jog!

We've been home for a number of weeks and once again the house construction has become the main focus of our life!  Leaving is always such sweet sorrow and we are so thankful to have good friends, Maryse, Guy and Roberto taking care of our houses and the finca while were away. What a treat to come home and find things just the way you left them.

Since returning, the rainy season has settled in quite nicely. Although we have enjoyed some sunny mornings, we have also seen lots of water!

In our almost three week absence work has been done on the floors and bathroom walls.  Most of the tile work was finished on the floors and the Master Bathroom walls were started.  The progress was exciting to see!

In our bathroom the floors are complete except for grout and the wall tiles are starting to rise!  It was our decision to use the rectangular tiles in a brick pattern on our walls.  The more common way the tiles are arranged here in Costa Rica, it seems, is to stack them in rows standing on their short side.

The area without tile will be the shower.  The floor there will be created with small pebbles making a non-slip surface.  To the left will be our sinks.

In addition to the tile work, a railing was started along side the stairs to our Bedroom.  Interesting to see how it is constructed.

The area at the lower end of the stairs is also starting to look more finished.  The top of this small wall will also have a concrete hand rail.

The stairs are starting to look much nicer and we look forward to seeing them finished.  The tops will be covered with wood while the face of each stair will be tile.

Notice Roberto's smiling face!  He was very happy to have us home and to only have to worry about the coffee! Although Roberto is glad to have less to worry about, he said he enjoyed all the extra walking.  We really appreciate the great job he did everywhere!

As you can see in this photo, the ceiling between the beams is almost complete.  Trim is needed but it is already looking great!

The Kitchen, Dining Room and Hall will have concrete ceilings. The mess in the middle of the floor is the re-bar, pipe for water and electrical to be embedded in our island concrete.

 Below is one option for working on the ceilings.  It's amazing how easily one of the workers maneuvers on the stilts and to me it seems much more efficient than moving scaffolding to where it is needed.

Quickly the tile is being completed in the Bathrooms. This is a little 1/2 Bath that is between the main part of the house and the Studio.

The Master Bathroom too is getting finished  and looks beautiful!

More of the Master Bathroom and also a view of the trim that goes around the ceiling.

The Master Bathroom with the view opposite the sinks.   The shower is to the left and the toilet to the right.

The "hole" in the side of the shower will have a shelf and be used for shampoo, etc.

Tile in the Master Bedroom and outside on the Terraza just waiting to be grouted and lined with tile mop board.

Work has also
been done on the interesting roof line by the stairs.  The area that is left open will be filled with glass and the "roof" will be camouflaged. However, exactly how remains to be seen.

Here a much needed over hang has been added to protect the window below.  Looking forward to seeing this finished.

Grouting has begun!

O.K., enough about the house!  Look how well my pineapples are doing!!  There are three that we will be able to eat--someday!

I lied!  Here are two views of the house on the outside to show the progress!  Even the yard is looking neater! :)

One more priceless sunset with the islands very visible in the Nicoya Bay!!  And, some incredible cloud formations.   The skies here are ever changing and never boring!

Pura Vida!

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Craig Rooster Emerson said...

Almost ready for all the crap in that shipping I can't wait to see the arrival pixs of the container at the finca.