Saturday, February 15, 2014

Finally! Gravel!

Before watching this video turn your sound down a bit and double click to enlarge!  I can be a bit loud when startled!
It seems that we have finally located some gravel to improve our driveway and ready it for our use and use by construction trucks!  With the return of Skeeter we are feeling like things are about to move forward, after what seems like a very long period of little getting done!  In this picture Paco and Don are applying water to the steep part of the public road to assist the large gravel trucks. During the process, and while I was shooting, one of the barrels of water tipped over and gave the backhoe a washing.  Thanks to Paco's quick thinking, all was not lost!  The reason for watering the road is that going down the hill with a full truck is no problem but trying to go up empty has proven more difficult!

Don and Paco, with his backhoe, spent last week working on improving our driveway and spreading the gravel that was delivered.  There is a bit more work to do next week but it is looking good!

This was the first load of gravel.  In addition to gravel we also added 3 truck loads of soil to soften the grade of the driveway.  In doing that, we also covered the metal boxes in the driveway used for the electrical.

The driveway has been widened in places as shown here.  I was sad it took some flowers I had planted but it does look nice and I can always plant more!

We now even have a place to park or sit to let someone pass.

Paco and his backhoe have also been busy pulling out a few trees and coffee plants to give us a larger front yard.  Possibly, where the hot tub will be sitting!  Also, we plan to trim back and remove more trees but have decided to wait until we are finished building.  

It feels really great to be doing something once again.  We have sent our window designs and the number we need to a couple welding companies and are waiting for their bids.  Next week we are planning to get together with the Architect, Juan, to start creating blueprints!  We've been told we have a couple months of paper work and permits before any building can start so.....once again we will hurry up and wait!!

This beautiful butterfly landed on our window and I couldn't resist taking her picture with the clouds in the background.

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