Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Days 2 and 3 at San Juan Del Sur!

We walked all over San Juan Del Sur and truly enjoyed all the quaintness everywhere!  Beautiful large flower pots sat along the "boardwalk" and this one was full of Bougainvillea.  On the finca we have been trying to start plants (vegetable, floral and fruit) so they get a head start for  our landscaping and eating!   So far we have 2 Avocado trees, many Bougainvillea in different colors, Hydrangea, Amapola (Hibiscus), Impatiens, Culandro, Garlic, Mora Berries, Mangoes, Beans, Pineapple, and Eucalyptus.  These are only a beginning, my list wish list is endless!

 Lots of variety in the buildings!

Cute little street lights and even a Laundry Service, something I have not noticed being available in Costa Rica.  Humm..maybe a new business for us??

Art work decorating the sides of buildings.  Our pickers from Nicaragua knew this man well, however, we didn't quite understand who he is or was when they were explaining.

I especially found the thatched roofs and brick buildings very appealing.

 This was a church we discovered while walking the hills to see the town from above.  As we walked by, we heard people praying and singing.  Yes, it was a very steep hill!

One view as we were headed up!

Notice the palm trees blowing in the wind.  It was so windy that when we tried to sit on the beach to get a little sun we were covered with blowing sand!  Hence, lots of walking!  The boats moored in the bay are a combination of fishing and sail boats and make for a very picturesque scene!

The higher we climbed the more we could see!

 At the top we discovered this wonderful house and their view is spectacular and well worth the climb!

Once we made the walk back down into town we did some more exploring.  As in Granada, there a number of small carts being carried by small horses used for a variety of purposes.

Walking in one of the neighborhoods we came across a group of men with a furniture repair business that was being conducted right on the side of the street!

Another restaurant on the beach with a great Happy Hour and great food as well as entertainment!  Both nights these 2 men juggled fire and other objects and then came by the tables for a donation.  We were also visited by people selling ceramic pots, vases, etc.  and they all have the same story:  I am doing for my family's business, see the signature on the back?  That is my Padre!  We chuckled because we heard the same story in Granada from similar venders!

We viewed numerous modes of transportation, taxis, horse drawn carts, cars, buses and these three wheeled covered bicycles.  There were many of these in both Rivas and San Juan Del Sur and they were used to transport both people and products!  Fortunately, it is flat there and not like Berlin!!  This particular "Tricycle" was in Rivas the morning we headed home.  The bus got us to Rivas in plenty of time to watch the busy street and find coffee and food for breakfast!!   

We'd like to say our trip home went smoothly, however, because this is summer or vacation season here going across the border on our return trip was a very long process making the possibility of our getting the last bus to Berlin questionable!!   As we neared San Ramon, we were feeling confident that we could get to a bus stop in time to make it home, until, the bus driver drove right by our stop!!!  Needless to say, we were not happy!   I banged on the door that closes off the bus driver from his passengers and yelled "San Ramon" more than once! I'm sure the passengers thought I was a Crazy Gringo?  The bus driver said "San Ramon" back and kept on going!!  He continued on his way until we reached Naranjo where he stopped to let off another passenger!!  At this point we had missed our bus to Berlin and needed to figure out how to get to San Ramon!!  After exchanging a few words with the bus driver, we crossed the Pista (big highway) to wait for a local bus to return us to San Ramon! We waited about 20 - 30 minutes and no bus came.  Then we noticed the man who had been let off with us  calling to us across the street and offering us a ride!!  Gratefully, we crossed the Pista once again and rode to San Ramon with our "new best friends"!  The ride greatly improved our spirits as we discovered that our "new friends" were involved in a very interesting business both here and in the U.S.  They are growing Talipia and Vegetables together and have designed a process called Aquaponics.  We were very interested as we are putting in a Talapia pond on our property!  Anyway, we are planning to visit one of their sites when they are back from the states in April.  For more information, they have a Facebook page:  Aquaponic On- Site Training for Communities.

We arrived home very tired about 7 p.m. thanks to our friends Errol and Angie who picked us up in San Ramon!!

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