Saturday, February 15, 2014

Yahoo, It's Skeeter!

In the 4 months since we were robbed and our dog, Skeeter, was poisoned and disappeared, (thought dead by us), we would occasionally see a dog that would make one of us say:  "That dog looks like Skeeter!"  Unfortunately, none of them were!

And then the impossible happened!  We had spend the morning in Palmares with friends and decided to head to San Ramon to run a couple errands.  While there, we changed our minds about where to go next--not unusual for us--and were turning around when Don said, "That dog looks like Skeeter!"  I just took it in stride as I'd heard the refrain many times before. As our car was making the turn in the road, however, a dog nearby suddenly had perked up his ears and headed in our direction.  At this point, I hadn't been able to see him but Don seemed very interested.  We headed off down the road with the dog running behind our car, and us becoming more and more curious about this dog that "Looks like Skeeter!"  Passing through the stop sign, we pulled up along side the curb and parked the car.  Don got out and was immediately attacked by this dog that was "crying" exactly like Skeeter used to do when we would leave him for any length of time!!  This was getting more and more interesting!!

        Even though we were starting to believe that this may be our dog, Skeeter,  we were still hesitant to become too excited as things unfolded!.  His next move convinced us!  After showering Don with an exuberant welcome, the dog jumped into the car and proceed to jump into my lap, put his paws around my neck and nuzzle me while emitting that very special Skeeter cry of greeting!  Don and I looked at each other, with not too dry eyes, and said, "I think it's Skeeter!!"   What to do next??  We noticed that he was wearing a choke chain and we weren't quite sure what to do.  While we were pondering the question, Skeeter jumped into the back seat, sat down facing the front window and looked at us as if to say, "O.K., let's go home!" So we did!

       We have no doubt that we have Skeeter back!  He's a bit thinner but has settled in as though he has never been gone.  It is our believe that he recognized the sound of our car, but beyond that we have no idea where he has been or what he has been doing for the last 4 months.  As with Spanish, our "dog" speech is lacking, but it's not important to us where he's been.  We're just very glad to have him back, to walk me to and from the finca and keep us company with his special personality! Welcome home, Skeeter!

Pura Vida!

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