Sunday, January 18, 2015

Concrete Floors are Next!

During the last week, the construction workers have been doing lots of hauling of dirt and compacting, laying of tubes and pulling wire preparing to pour the concrete floors.  Juan Carlos, our engineer, came to the site to go over the things that would be "set in concrete" once the floor is poured.  For example, where we want outlets, water, gas lines, etc.

As we've mentioned before, string is drawn across the pegs in the ground to determine the height of the concrete.  The pegs will be covered and remain under the concrete.

This photo shows the pegs as well as the tubing that contains the electrical, gas, telephone and internet wiring.

In the kitchen the number of tubes is extensive.  There will be an island in the middle with a gas stove top, a sink, and electrical outlets, all of which require tubing.  The logistics of the whole process are mind boggling to me and once again I have thoughts of "How the heck does this all work!"  Growing up in a family of builders and woodworkers and being married to Don, I have a pretty good concept of how wood construction works.  Unfortunately, concrete is quite another story and a learning experience for both of us.

Once all the electrical, gas and water lines are perfect a wire mesh is put down to eliminate cracks in the concrete.

It goes everywhere!  This is one of the outside corridors.

Each load of concrete is brought to the area where it is needed by wheel barrel. 

 Once the concrete has been dumped and spread with a trowel it is then secreted with a board by hand.

The finished Guest Bathroom and Bedroom.

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