Sunday, January 18, 2015


Everyday truckloads of one type of construction material or another make the journey down our road and up our driveway.  Most days all goes well, but not always.  The other day an empty truck sat in our road for quite some time unable to get up the last bit of our road.  Whether mechanical problems or driver problems we were not sure.
 This truck loaded with bags of concrete and re-bar had it's own problems.  Heading up the hill in the wrong gear and making a rather ungraceful shift, causing the re-bar to hit the road, bow up and send the bags of concrete onto the driveway.

Approximately 9 bags left the truck.

The up side for us is that we now have a partially concreted driveway.  

The down side for the workers was a lot of extra work to put the spilled concrete into wheel barrels, and push them up the hill until they are needed.  

 At least when day is done they have this beautiful, peaceful view to enjoy before the start of another day of work.

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