Sunday, March 08, 2015

A Sunday Walk With Don!

Berlin, Alajuela, San Ramon, Costa Rica

Sunday is the one day of the week Don doesn't have to get up to take Roberto to the finca or go pick him up at noon so we try to do something different.  Last Sunday we decided to take a walk toward Llano Brenes which is east and downhill from here.  Unfortunately, everything is downhill from here and uphill to return.  We have included a little map of our area that Don has created to give you an idea of where we live now, where we went and where we are building on the finca.  Other details have been added, as well, and we are happy to answer any questions.  The shaded area around our new house is our coffee and, as you can see, we are not the only coffee farmers!  Also, there are many more homes in the area but putting everything would only make the map more confusing!

Although parts were steep, it was beautiful and peaceful.  One unusual site along the way was this twisted tree.

Not sure if this was a natural occurrence or if it had some help.

Like most of our walks here, we have a beautiful view of the Pacific and Nicoya Bay.  In the foreground are the small towns that dot the hills around here. Although not easy to see because of the smoky haze from the sugar cane burning, the view is still a site to marvel.

Along the way we discovered that we can see our house that we are  building. If you look very close just above the beige soil, flat area where the grass stem points to a small puff of trees, you may be able to pick it out.  It is quite a distance away, but once the second floor is added, it will be quite visible from this vantage point.

Rolling hills, ever changing cloud formations and distant shores.  There is always something wonderful to see no matter which direction you choose to venture.

Another view of our house being built!

One more interesting tree as we made our way home.  Even though we have no photos, the walk was far from boring.  We met two bulls tied together at the horns being walked up the road by a couple of farmers. The bulls were not very cooperative!  After a bit of concern, they made their way past us and we came upon a cow that another farmer was walking from the other direction.  We stood and watched as everyone took the event in stride.  Just a normal day in Berlin!

PURA VIDA!  Pronounced "Pooda Bida" which means good life!

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