Friday, March 27, 2015

Elbows and.......!

I'm hoping to have a number of videos on this post because the process of "pouring the concrete" for the second floor was amazing to watch.  This pouring will create the beams around the second story (shown in the photo above leaking concrete), the floor of the second story and the ceiling of the first.  However, the day the "pumper" (not quite what we are used to seeing in the U.S.) arrived, it was being pulled by a truck not too weak to get up our driveway.  The contractor then went to Plan "B", complete the job with men, buckets, wheel barrels and the one cement mixer on site.

In this video you can see the pile of the bags of concrete, all of which will be gone at the end of the day.   A pile of sand and a pile of pebbles will also disappar.

Once the sand, rock and concrete are thoroughly combined together with water in the mixer, a wheel barrel is filled and hauled to the men waiting with buckets.  The buckets are filled and hoisted up from one man to another and dumped.  Jose is watering while this process goes on.

Just behind the man on the ladder is a man holding a machine with long protruding section that is put into the concrete.  This machine is a vibrator and it eliminates any air pockets which would weaken the concrete structure.  We are very impressed with how fit the workers are and how well they work as a team.  It is truly amazing to watch!

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