Monday, March 23, 2015

Little by Little and Day by Day!

As work continues on the preparation of the second floor for the addition of concrete, we are still seeing lots of re-bar structures, foam cubes and the strips of re-bar & concrete beams that are laid between the foam for structure and support.

Much of the work being done at this point is a balancing act.  Whether on the re-bar & concrete beams or slabs of wood, the men are working second story high with no walls and very little that is wide enough for them to balance.

When finished, the 6" foam boards will completely cover what will be the downstairs ceiling and the second story floor.  Once these preparations are complete, the upstairs floor will be flooded with concrete, vibrated down between the foam boards, between the re-bar beams and into the perimeter re-bared wood forms to eliminate voids. When all the concrete is cured, we will have a very strong structure.

The house is still a maze of supports to maneuver through and, I assume, they will remain until after the poured concrete is hardened.

The amount of re-bar in the concrete is incredible.  This house is going no where!

 Now that the re-bar & concrete supports, and the foam are in place where, the entire area is covered with a mat of squared smaller gauge re-bar to hold it all together.

All the necessary conduit for wiring and electrical has also been extended or added, we hope, for the completion of the second floor.

These two photos show the completion of the prep work required before the second floor can be concreted.

Another view of the prep work!

Our stairs have also been created and we are now able to walk to the second floor to see the progress and the incredible views!

While some of the men are preparing for concreting the second floor, others are laying additional rows of block in areas where there will be no second floor.  These blocks will carry some of the weight of the future metal roof structure.

In the process of preparing for the second floor concreting, forms are also created around the outside edge of the second floor creating large concrete beams.  Forms, forms and more forms!

Our blog has had many sunsets but we also wanted to share a couple of the beautiful sunrises that we also get to experience.

Once again, we end with a spectacular sunset!  Pura Vida!

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