Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Municipal Water and ICE the Power Company of Costa Rica

Not too far from our property is this new Municipal well where our water comes from.

The President of Costa Rica came to Berlin to dedicate this well to the people of Berlin,

Meet ICE the Government Power Company!

While in San Ramon the other day we topped to watch ICE working at a new business in town.  This is ICE.  You've heard us talking about our need to get electricity on our property and ICE is the government electric company which has the power to say  "nay" or "yay"!  After a number of trips to ICE and officially presenting a letter of request for service with the help of our friend Josee, we have finally received notice that ICE is willing and able to bring power to our property!  And....the letters were sent in both English and Spanish which was greatly appreciated!

It seems we should be thrilled, right!  Unfortunately, we still have no idea the cost of this precious commodity.  The letter advises us to find qualified people to put in the poles and wire and something about an environmental study.  The one bid we have received was to use an easement across our neighbors property.  At one time Gilberto, our neighbor, was agreeable, however, the law has changed and now that ICE will own 11 feet each side of the line the offer is no longer available!  So...we now are in the process of finding how much it will cost to go down the road to our property but do not expect to accomplish too much in the next couple weeks.  Christmas is a holiday for just about everyone here and it's not just Christmas day.  The day before and Christmas day are official paid holidays and many businesses shut down for two weeks!!  

Thanks to many hours of digging trenches and burying pipe by Don and Roberto, our employee, we now have water to the Cistern on our property.  This has allowed us to spray the weeds---and hopefully kill them!  Don is now at the property and I'm waiting for a call to go down to burn all the weeds we have dragged up the hills and piled at our homesite.

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