Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Pipes to Pedicures!

Today Don and I went separate ways.  I to get my toenails beautified while Don dug in the dirt and laid pipe for water at the finca.  Needless to say my day was a lot easier than Don's.  In the photo you can see my toes that are being painted by Damaris at Danillo and Maria's Super.  They have a very nice deck with games and a wonderful view.  Amanda, Damaris's little girl, is in the background painting her cousin's toenails.  She is adorable and very independent!

Once the pedicure was complete we visited Maribel at her house for a short while until the 6 of the boarded the bus to head back home and I walked to my casa just down the road.  I shared some cookies and actually had a very easy, laid back day!

Don on the other hand has made at least one trip to Palmares for parts and has kept very busy digging and laying pipe.  Guess I'll go check out the handiwork and do some more blogging another day!

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