Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Poco Poco!

Poco Poco is a phrase that is used here often.  The gist of it is "little by little", and it describes perfectly the progress we are making in most areas.  Our biggest success so far is getting a phone line and a phone allowing us to increase our Internet speed and have WIFI in our house!  We were amazed that it happened in the same week that Marcella took us to ICE and requested the service!

Unfortunately, the acquiring of electricity for the property has not moved quite so quickly.  We have talked to some electricians who install for ICE, to ICE and to just about anyone who will listen.  Let's see.....has it been 3 or 4 trips to ICE so far, and still nothing definite.  The private electrician gave us a price but it was with easement across our neighbors property.  Unfortunately, the law has changed and, if Gilberto, our neighbor, gave us an easement ICE would own 11 meters of Gilberto's property on each side of the power line.  Gilberto said, "Sorry, but no easement!"  We are now back to going the long route down the road which is longer and will cost more $$.

The good news, however, is that we have purchased our water meter.  Upon arriving we were told that it would be $2,000!  Fortunately, after much discussion and research it ended up being $300.  Most people pay $200--Welcome to Costa Rica!

 Friday we are going to learn how to make Costa Rican Hamburgers--which are delicious---at Flor's Soda!  As my attempt to make tortillas was pretty much a bust, I also need a tortilla lesson!

The other major time consuming project in our life is trying to purchase a vehicle.  At this point we have decided to look for a SUV and use a trailer to deliver the coffee to the Receiver when it has been picked.  The rest of the year a SUV is much more practical for our needs.  Finding one is an adventure in itself,  Mostly, we are looking for Hyundai Gallopers and Mitsubishi Monteros because they are very common here, are easy to get parts and repairs and have the power we need to work the Coffee Farm and go up and down the roads here. The roads are steep and often our driveway and road. Definitely 4 wheel drive!!
First off, we don't speak Spanish so most phone calls we make are at a dead end!  As we have only the bus for transportation, we do not want to make too many trips to look at cars.  Most are not near by and would require an overnight stay!  And....if we did get there, we can't even ask questions or negotiate--language again!  We have had friends make calls for us but we really don't like taking advantage.  There are many of these vehicles for sale!!  It is becoming more and more necessary that we have a vehicle so.....we will keep on looking!!

Saturday we went to Bingo at the "Berlin Center".  We arrived at 3:00 ready to practice our Spanish numbers and win a little Bingo!!  Well....we all sat there until about 4:30 before anything happened.  We are truly amazed at the patience of Ticos!  In  the states there would have been a riot if an event started 1 1/2 hours late!   Finally, Bingo started and one and all were placing their kernels of corn to win a prize!  We quickly discovered that our wish to practice Spanish was flawed.  We couldn't understand hardly any of the numbers that were called out!!   And we thought we might have a chance as we had studied numbers!  Fortunately, Dario was there and translated.  How embarassing!!  We didn't win but did get a ride home--thank you, Dario!
Because it is now picking season, there are many transients in the area here to work.  The street was packed with unfamiliar faces and we were glad to be in our little casa.  There are no law enforcement personnel in Berlin and as we left the area, it appeared to us that things could get a little crazy!

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