Wednesday, December 05, 2012

More Fruits of Costa Rica!

We love all the fruits here in Costa Rica.  There are many and we are love sampling new ones even though we hardly ever remember the name. We have discovered the Mora Berry which resembles a black berry but is much smaller.  They make a jam and a Fresca (fruit juice) using the Mora Berry and I love them in Smoothies.   They grow along the roadside here.  When we first arrived our neighbor, Jose Carlos, brought us a cupful. Yummm!

In these pictures you are looking at a few of the citrus trees that are growing among our coffee plants. Some of them are very sweet and juicy and some are very sour and bitter!  We are not sure the specific names of any of them, but there all types of oranges, lemons, limes and various combinations of the varieties.  While at the property, we will pick one and try it.  If it tastes good, we pick a bunch and bring them home.  As we have shown you in our earlier blogs, we also have bananas on our property which are doing well.  When they are closer to picking, we will post more photos!

This is how Papayas grow!  O.K. so I should have known but I didn't have a clue! We came across this tree in front of a house in San Ramon!  Now we want to plant some of these.  Yummmmm!   Papaya's are very reasonable to purchase here.  If we get them off the truck that comes by the house, we can get 3 for 1,000 colonies which is $2.00.  The other day we bought 3 Pinas (Pineapples) for 1,000 colonies.  They were delecious!  Everyone tells us that Papayas are very good for digestion.  What have we got to lose!  We love all the different fruits that are available and eat them just the way they are!  Ticos, however, eat very little fruit and juice all their fruit into Fresca.  The typical meal here is called a Cassada.  When you order one at a Soda or Restaurant it usually comes with a Fresca.  Unfortunately, they like to add lots of azucar (sugar) which makes them pretty sweet!!!

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Rooster Emerson said...

Sounds like you have enough of a variety of fruit to make Sangria...