Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bingo Anyone!

Sunday we took the road back to the school and church near Maria's parents to play bingo! You can purchase as many cards as you wish for 100,000 colonies or $2.00 each and the corn is free!

This particular Bingo meeting was very special as it was also a thank you presentation to a group of Canadians who have been donating generous amounts of money to the school. The Canadians were sitting in the middle of the building with white table cloths, water and eats and treated like royalty! . After many speeches in English and Spanish, each being translated for the other, the games finally began!

Although none of us won anything, we had lots of fun and were able to enjoy another wonderful Tico experience!

After a number of games, people started getting a little restless and at that point we were rewarded with entertainment and more speeches! Some of the local children were dressed up like butterflies and did a little dance. When they were finished, one little girl took over and danced all by herself. Very simple but fun for us!
As we were leaving, we walked to the back of the building to a very large, and unfortunately unclean , window to watch a beautiful sunset. Believe me the photo does not do justice to the scene we experienced!

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